Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp

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Logo of Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp
Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Galatea
Leadership: CEO
Products: BattleMechs

Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp, alternately just Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition (DOA), is a weapons manufacturer based on Galatea. They partnered with Clan Sea Fox to develop the Jade Hawk, a heavy BattleMech they marketed to mercenary forces.[1]


Dynamic Ordnance and Ammunition Corp has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Galatea:[1]
Component Type
Jade Hawk[1] Heavy BattleMech
Malice[2] Assault BattleMech
Dynamic F14 Endo Steel Jade Hawk[1]
Dynamic Endo Steel Malice[2]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Starfire 375 XL Jade Hawk[1]
LTV 400 XL Malice[2]
Jump Jets
Chilton 465 w/Partial Wing Jade Hawk[1]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Jolassa 325 Jade Hawk[1]
Durallex Heavy Malice[2]
Communications System
Angst Clear Channel 6 Jade Hawk[1]
Neil 8000 Malice[2]
Targeting-Tracking System
Angst Accuracy Jade Hawk[1]
Dynatec 2780 Malice[2]
ER Small Laser
Series 1g Jade Hawk[1]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Sunfire Malice[2]
Mk. 22 Type III Jade Hawk[1]
LB 5-X
Mydron Excel 5SG Malice[2]


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