Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Naga


The Naga-class destroyer Dystopia served in the black water navy of the Rim Worlds Republic at some point prior to the dissolution of the Republic as an interstellar nation.[1] The provenance of the RWN Dystopia is uncertain; the Naga class served as naval escorts within the Star League Defense Force navy prior to the introduction of the new Essex-class destroyer in 2711.[2] While numerous WarShips of older design were sold off to the Great Houses during the Star League era, there were no records of any Nagas serving in the Rim Worlds Republic navy as late as 2765[3] or of any Nagas in service with any of the Great Houses.

The most likely options for explaining the existence of the Dystopia are that it was a vessel which had been sold or given to the Republic but not reactivated by 2765; that it was a former Star League Defense Force ship captured or reactivated from the SLDF's mothballed fleet during or in the aftermath of Operation APOTHEOSIS, the coup by Stefan Amaris that saw him become ruler of the Terran Hegemony; or that it was constructed in secret by the Republic, possibly as a part of the building of the Secret Army that formed a large part of the Periphery forces during the Periphery Uprising.

The RWN Dystopia was subsequently destroyed at some point, and the wreck of the Dystopia was discovered by Gregory Zwick - the future Precentor Naval of the Word of Blake - while he was assigned to a ROM vessel patrolling in the Deep Periphery prior to the ComStar schism. The Dystopia was discovered by Zwick's ship in 3051 in what was described as a ruined Rim Worlds system;[1] it is unclear if this system was one of the previously known Rim Worlds systems, or one of the Deep Periphery systems established in secret by Stefan Amaris.


The Dystopia is not the only case of a Rim Worlds WarShip coming to light as a part of the Rim Worlds navy that was of a class of WarShip not previously known to have been in service with the Republic. Another ship in a similar situation is the RWS Tigershark, an Aegis-class heavy cruiser that took part in Operation APOTHEOSIS despite no Aegis-class WarShips being recorded by the Star League intelligence services as being in service with the Republic just a few months before.[4] It is unlikely that a clear picture of the Dystopia's provenance will ever come to light, as no accurate record of the Rim Worlds WarShip fleet from the coup exists, all of the various nations bar the Terran Hegemony were restoring mothballed ships to active service as part of an ongoing buildup at the time of the Field Report 2765 series, without the contents of those mothballed reserves being clear, and it has been noted that Stefan Amaris' forces plundered the Star League navy's Reserve Fleet during and after the coup. At the time of the coup, the reserve fleet numbered perhaps a thousand ships either undergoing refit, being restored to active service or in mothballs; the Rim Worlds forces were able to suborn more than a hundred of these ships during the coup and then several hundred more after the establishment of the Amaris Empire.[5] With no record of any Nagas being sold off or gifted away, the balance of probability lies with the Dystopia having been seized from the SLDF naval reserve at some point.


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