Eagle (WarShip class)

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Production information
Manufacturer Illium Naval Engineering
Introduced 3059[1]
Production Year 3059[2]
Use Frigate
Tech Base Star League
Cost 19,239,384,000[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 620,000
Length 640
Sail Diameter 790
Fuel 1000 tons
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 13
LF Battery Yes
Armament [4]
Armor 450 tons Standard[5]
DropShip Capacity 4
Crew 540
Grav Decks 2 x 110 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 30/30
Heat Sinks 2,592 Double Heat Sink
Structural Integrity 45
BV (1.0) 132,579[6]
BV (2.0) 99,672[7]


The Eagle-class frigate was designed by Illium Naval Engineering as an escort for the Thera-class carrier. Operating in pairs, they are intended to get between the Thera and a threat. To do so the Eagles have large engines capable of moving them 30% faster than a Thera. To destroy the threat, the Eagle is equipped with a series of anti-WarShip and anti-aerospace fighter defenses. They also carry a squadron of six aerospace fighters for additional point defense or recon missions.

Like other WarShips in the FWLM fleet, the Eagle class vessels are equipped with an HPG system.[8] Prior to the Jihad these HPGs were staffed by Word of Blake technicians.

In 3068, every Eagle was recalled to the Illium Naval Yard to fix a problem found in their life support systems that was first discovered in the FWLS Percival's shakedown cruise.[9]


As an escort vessel for an extremely expensive WarShip, the Eagle needs to provide defense against any threat, regardless of source. To combat other WarShips, the Eagle relies on its Naval Autocannon and nose-mounted Heavy Naval Gauss rifle. These weapons can make short work of any attacking WarShips and run off any attacking DropShips. The Naval Lasers carried by the Eagle are used to supplement the Naval Autocannon in WarShip combat, but are really intended to attack any enemy Assault DropShips or Pocket WarShips that may be in the area.

To defend against aerospace fighters the Eagle mounts a massive array of 'Mech scale pulse lasers. These weapons allow the Eagle-class ships to destroy any aerospace fighter foolish enough to attack it. To supplement these defenses, every Eagle mounted an array of anti-missile systems covering every firing arc.


The Eagle has three cargo bays. Bay 1 contains the aerospace fighter squadron. Bays 2 and 3 carry almost 69,000 tons of cargo. Typically the Eagle-class ships carry additional foodstuffs, spare parts, and ammunition, which allows them to complete escort duties. To supplement their own weapons and fighter forces, the Eagle has four DropShip docking collars.


Though no official variants are known to exist, the Word of Blake apparently modified the Mordred so it had a stronger KF Drive and Jump Sail. (Added one more point of Integrity to each.)[10]


  • In German products, the unit's proper name was translated to Aar, which is the Middle High German word for eagle.

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