Eamon Phoushath

Eamon Phoushath
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Profession Khan

Eamon Phoushath was a Khan of Clan Star Adder during the Political Century. Forced by the actions of saKhan Carson Graves, he would have to lead his Clan through the events of the Blood Scandal.[1][2]


As with so many other Clan warriors, there are almost no details regarding the life of Eamon Phoushath prior to his ascension to Khan of the Star Adders. His actions, in light of his saKhan's perfidy, demonstrate a prudent leader who would not get in the way of justice.[1]

Washing Away the Blood[edit]

After being contacted by Khan Tatiana Steele of Clan Coyote and told of the Blood Scandal, Khan Phoushath would learn the depths of his saKhan's misguided political machinations.[3]

Enraged that Carson Graves would risk punishment against the Star Adders in the Grand Council for his dishonorable actions, Khan Phoushath would challenge his saKhan to a Trial of Grievance. After defeating Graves, Khan Phoushath stripped him of his rank and status, and handed him over to Clan Coyote as the Star Adder's surkairede. Graves was then executed by Khan Steele, and his legacy destroyed. But this was not enough for Khan Steele. She demanded that Khan Phoushath Annihilate the entire Graves Bloodline, something that he would refuse to do. This incident led to many decades of hostility between the Coyotes and the Star Adders.[1][3]


Born into a Bloodname House that has been spread to multiple Clans over the years, Khan Eamon Phoushath would be remembered for the tough but fair decision that saKhan Carson Graves would force him to make.


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