Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born)

Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born)
Ebon Jaguar
Production information
Manufacturer Huntress Manufacturing Plant DL-6[1]
Production Year 3049[2]
Model Prime
Class Heavy
Cost 18,283,718 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan OmniMech
Mass 65 tons
Chassis CSJ Type 65.43 Endo
Armor Composite A-4 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Consolidated 325 XL Fusion
Communications System Hector CC-22E
Targeting Tracking System Integrated Bravo-7
Heat Sinks 13 Double heat sinks
Speed 86 kph km/h
BV (1.0) 1,769[1][3]
BV (2.0) 1,952[4]


Introduced in 3049 to address flaws in the venerable Hellbringer, by Operation REVIVAL the Ebon Jaguar had only just started to spread through the Jaguar's touman with the Inner Sphere first encountering the design during the Battle of Luthien. Facing it for the first time when engaging the First Jaguar Guards Cluster in the Kado-Guchi Valley, the 'Mech's ability to take damage and remain operational led the Inner Sphere warriors who fought it to call it the Cauldron-Born after the unstoppable zombies of Irish myth. Paradoxically, many of the other Clans also used the Inner Sphere Cauldron-Born reporting name, having first learned detailed information of the design from Inner Sphere sources.[1][5][6]

By Operation BULLDOG the Cauldron-Born made up a large proportion of the heavy 'Mechs of the rebuilding Smoke Jaguars, and following their Annihilation the design proliferated to the remaining Clans, save for the Jade Falcons, Wolves and Coyotes who continued to favor the Hellbringer.[1] Following the Wars of Reaving the Ebon Jaguar had finally supplanted the Hellbringer in most Homeworld Clans, save for the Coyotes who remained loyal to redeeming the honor of the design.[7]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The primary configuration of the Ebon Jaguar was made to attack from long range. With a mammoth Gauss Rifle occupying the entire right arm, a 75mm LB 5-X AC in the left arm, and an LRM-10 jutting above the birdlike shoulder, it can act as a speedy support 'Mech with a variety of ways to deal damage. An SRM-2 and an ER Medium Laser provide backup for short range work. The thirteen integral double heat sinks are more than enough to keep the OmniMech cool, while its nine and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor keep the design safe.[1][5][6]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alt. Config. A 
    Built around what was once the largest gun in the Clan arsenal, the Cauldron-Born A is capable of dealing blistering damage at a variety of ranges. For long range, the A uses a pair of ER Large Lasers. At close range, the MechWarrior can switch to a 203mm Ultra Autocannon/20 that carries a fair amount of ammunition, along with a Medium Pulse Laser, and an ER Medium Laser. For anti-infantry work, it carries a pair of Machine Guns and a multi-purpose Flamer. Finally, the A variant has a pair of ER Medium Lasers mounted in the rear to discourage lighter 'Mechs from taking advantage of its relatively weak rear armor. The MechWarrior must carefully shepherd his or her weapons fire, as the variant carries no additional heat sinks. BV (1.0) = 1,860[1][5][6][8][6], BV (2.0) = 2,429[9]
  • Alt. Config. B 
    This variant, once called by a DCMS warrior the best forward observer ever built, uses an ER PPC and a Large Pulse Laser mounted in each arm. To supplement this, it carries a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers, as well as an Active Probe, and a TAG spotting laser. This variant is not as prone to overheating as the A, but a MechWarrior must use volley fire if he or she intends to use both the PPCs and Large Pulse Lasers. BV (1.0) = 1,636[1][5][6], BV (2.0) = 2,535[10]
  • Alt. Config. C 
    The Cauldron-Born C is a missile boat and much easier on the heat curve than the other variants. Its primary weapons are a pair of LRM-15s and 25mm Ultra Autocannon/2s. Backing these up for short range work are a pair of SRM-6s. Though this variant carries no energy weapons, it does have ample supplies of ammunition that allow it to stay on the field for long periods of time. BV (1.0) = 1,666[1][5][6][11][6], BV (2.0) = 1,831[12]
  • Alt. Config. D 
    Intended as something of a medium-range brawler, the Cauldron-Born D features a pair of Ultra Autocannon/10s and an ER Large Laser. These are supplemented by a pair of ER Medium Lasers. Though the energy weapons appear primarily as backups, the less-than-ample ammunition bins ensure they will see a great deal of use. BV (1.0) = 1,814[1][13][14], BV (2.0) = 2,228[15]
  • Alt. Config. E 
    The E configuration is equipped with an ATM 12 launcher, a HAG 20, an ER Medium Laser and a Large Pulse Laser. BV (2.0) =2,391[16]
  • Alt. Config. F 
    Mounting an ER PPC in each arm and an ATM 6 in each side torso the Ebon Jaguar F is a fearsome variant that can tear into its foes and any range. Three tons of ATM ammo split between the side torsos, two in the right and one in the left, allow the full tactical flexibility of the launchers. A Targeting Computer resides in the right torso and makes the PPCs deadly accurate. The left torso carries one additional heat sink while each arm carries two. Eighteen total heatsinks allows the F to fire its primary armament relentlessly. BV (2.0) = 2,681[17]
  • Alt. Config. G 
    The G devotes most of its tonnage to a massive Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 40 that is spread between the left arm and torso. This weapon is fed from a three-ton ammunition bay in the left torso. An Improved Heavy Large Laser provides heavy secondary fire from the right arm. A right torso targeting computer enhances the accuracy of both weapons. BV (2.0) = 2,849[18]
  • Alt. Config. H 
    The H variant returns to the Ultra Autocannon/20 of the A, though it strips out all of the other weapons. They are replaced by a Heavy Large Laser, a pair of Heavy Medium Lasers, and a single Medium Pulse Laser. All of these weapons are tied to an advanced targeting computer. Even though this variant mounts additional heat sinks, an inexperienced MechWarrior could still be overwhelmed by the amount of heat this variant can produce. BV (1.0) = 1,815[1][19][20], BV (2.0) = 2,359[21]
  • Alt. Config. T 
    The T variant uses a mix of Inner Sphere and Clan weaponry. A Clan ER PPC is mounted in the right arm, opposite a Clan Ultra Autocannon/5 in the left. A Streak LRM-10 and an Improved Heavy Medium Laser are carried in the left torso with one ton of both LRM and Autocannon ammunition. The right torso mounts twin Thunderbolt 5 launchers and their two tons of ammunition. Both side torsos are equipped with CASE II. BV (2.0) = 2,219[22]

Custom Configurations[edit]

Apocryphal Variants[edit]

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Design Quirks[edit]

The Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born) has the following Design Quirk:[28]


  • The unit's proper Clan name was never translated to German. The unit's proper Inner Sphere name was altered to Höllendämon, which literally means Hell Demon. (Hölle = Hell; Dämon=Demon)
  • The games MechWarrior 3 and MechWarrior 4: Vengeance use the perfectly translated Name "Kesselbrut" (Kessel= cauldron, Brut= Born of) in the German version.



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