Edasich Aerospace Corporation

Edasich Aerospace Corporation
Corporation Profile
Headquarters: Edasich
Leadership: CEO
Products: Conventional Fighters


Edasich Aerospace Corporation was an Aerospace manufacturer which became noted during the early days of the Lyran Commonwealth. The product that gave Edasich Aerospace its fame was its inexpensive Colt Medium Fighter, which was popular with low-budget planetary militias and security firms. However, Robert Marsden would bolster its status as he used it to build up the war torn Commonwealth's military to fight rebellious factions within the nation.[1]


Edasich Aerospace Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Terra[1]:
Component Type
Primitive Conventional Fighter
Colt Medium Fighter[1] Conventional Aircraft - (From 2354 to 2545)
Colt Medium Fighter (SRM)[1] Conventional Aircraft - (From 2375 to 2545)


  • As of this Writing there is no further information about the company aside from producing the Colt Medium Fighter or its SRM variant and if it survived beyond the 26th Century. It should also be noted that the Colt Medium Fighter was obsolete by 2545, thus no longer manufactured.[1]
  • The earlier mentioned version of the Colt was only noted source of information of the company.[1] Other publications regarding Edasich based manufactures do not mention the existence of the company.[2]


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