Edasich Motors

Edasich Motors
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Corporation Profile
Founding Yearca. 2784[1]
AffiliationLyran Commonwealth
HeadquartersVesteraien (Edasich III)[2]
Manufacturing Plant(s)Kesterly (Aur)

Edasich Motors was a Lyran Commonwealth manufacturer of fusion engines.[1][2]


Edasich Motors was formed after the Edasich family took over the operation of two major fusion engine factories, a Vlar Industries production plant on Edasich and a Pitban Power Systems line on Kirkcaldy's moon of Tentra, following the collapse of the Star League in 2784. During the Succession Wars the company's story was a familiar one, its products increasingly vital during the war torn era to power Defiance Industries famous Zeus and Atlas BattleMechs, but its production volumes steadily dropping to one-fifth their former rate as jury-rigging replaced now LosTech parts. Unable to repair their existing factories, Duke Martin Edasich considered building a new fresh factory on a more peaceful interior world, a project that received new urgency when word emerged that Defiance Industries was building a new division on Tharkad - Defiance Motors - to make up for Edasich's increasing shortfall in production.[1][2]

As with many technologically advanced companies, the discovery and decoding of the Helm Memory Core turned Edasich's fortunes around, the company sparing no expense in the construction of a new plant on Aur to see off Defiance's Tharkad expansion. By shutting down the older plant on Tentra, Edasich was able to use the machinery from that plant to upgrade the main factory on Edasich and construct a plant on Aur more quickly. It was undoubtedly the speed with which Edasich began production of advanced extralight engines that convinced Defiance to continue to rely on Edasich Motors and maintaining its vitality in the post–Succession Wars era.[2]

The Edasich Motors factory on Aur was shattered on 27 January 3075 when the Word of Blake's Fiftieth Shadow Division raided the world.[3][4] The expansion of the Aur plant to produce Retrotech designs probably influenced the Blakists' priorities.[5]

The Edasich facility was heavily damaged during the Jihad, with losses approaching 85%.[6] As a result the company has had to rely on their original Star League era production line, which is close to permanent shutdown.[7] This factory line is able to operate at approximately a third of its pre-Jihad capacity,[6] which allows it to keep production apace with Defiance's reduced output.[7]


Edasich Motors had manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Aur:[8]
Component Type
Mackie Primitive BattleMech[5]
Ymir Primitive BattleMech[5]
Fusion Engine
Pitban 200 Shipped to Tharkad for Lightning and New Earth for Manticore[8]
Pitban 240 Shipped to Donegal for Centurion and to Tharkad for Hellcat[8]
Pitban 250 Shipped to Donegal for Sabre[8]
Pitban 320 Shipped to Hesperus II for Zeus and Styk for Victor[8]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 150 XL [citation needed]
GM 180 XL Shipped to Hesperus II for Hatchetman[8]
GM 210 XL [citation needed]
Pitban 240 XL Shipped to Coventry for Vulcan[8]
Pitban 285 XL [citation needed]
Pitban 300 XL [citation needed]
Pitban 320 XL [citation needed]
GM 380 XL [citation needed]
Edasich Motors 180 XL [citation needed]
Edasich Motors 195 XL Shipped to Donegal for Lucifer[8]
Edasich Motors 240 XL [citation needed]
Edasich Motors 380 XL Shipped to Hesperus II for Banshee[8]


Components produced on Edasich:[9]
Component Type
Fusion Engine
Edasich Omni 25 (from 3037)[10] Exported to S. L. Lewis Incorporated of Carlisle for the Savannah Master[10]
VOX 225 [citation needed]
Vlar 300 Atlas, Eagle & Thunderbolt[9]
Extralight Fusion Engine
VOX 255 XL [citation needed]
Edasich Motors 280 XL ARC-4S Archer & ARC-4W Archer[9]
Vlar 300 XL [citation needed]
Edasich Motors 340 XL [citation needed]
LTV 400 XL [citation needed]


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