Eden Beaver

Eden Beaver
(Castor Fiber Paradisops)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld Eden
Environment Floodplains, woody river basins
Average mass 95 kg
Average length 190 centimeters
Average height 80 centimeters

The Eden Beaver[1] is a mammal found on the planet Eden in the Kerensky Cluster.


The Eden Beaver can be found around the rivers that cross the planet Eden's continents. Like their Terran counterpart (no genetic relation), they cut down trees with their massive teeth and use them for building materials to build wooden dams. They commonly live in pairs, are uncommonly intelligent and avoid conflict with other creatures. The human inhabitants of Eden respect the beaver's territory and rarely enter it - not out of fear, but because the Eden Beaver has a tendency to cut down homes or alter the flow of rivers which tends to flood crops. It is easier to leave the beavers alone.


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