Edmund Salindar

Edmund Salindar
Character Profile
Affiliation House Salindar
Profession Regent-Chancellor
Duke of Sian

Edmund Salindar was a twenty-fifth century nobleman, the Duke of Sian and Regent-Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.


Duke Salindar was a Capellan noble during the end of Jasmine Liao's reign. Following the death of Jasmin, he was appointed Regent to handle the day-to-day operation of the Confederation in place of the late Chancellor's son, Raxal, who was still a child.

During his rule, his open-mindedness was considered to be enlightened. The only notable action he made during his rule was to order special finances to fund the development of BattleMechs by Earthwerks Incorporated.

In 2482, Raxal turned nineteen, so Salindar passed the Chancellorship to him. However, Raxal refused take over day-to-day operation and abdicated the throne to his twin brother Hendrik instead.[1]


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