Edward Davion (26th c.)

Edward Davion
Character Profile
Died 2508
Affiliation House Davion
Profession Leftenant
Parents William Davion (father)
Carmen Estevez (mother)
Siblings Laura Davion
Cassandra Davion
Spouse Sondra Black
Children Alexander Davion


Edward Davion was the only son of First Prince William Davion of the Federated Suns.[1]

Edward was serving as a young officer in a BattleMech unit on the planet of Royalston in the Capellan March in 2508 when the planet was hit by raiders from the Capellan Confederation. A regiment commanded by David Varnay should have been able to support Edward's unit, but failed to reach the proper coordinates in time, and as a result Edward and his comrades were killed; while the commander of the Varnay unit was exonerated from blame by subsequent investigations, accusations of treachery on the part of the Varnays was rife at the time.[1]

By the time of his death Edward had married Sondra Black and had a son, Alexander Davion.[1]


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