Edward Regis

Edward Regis
Character Profile
Born 2968[1]
Affiliation House Regis
Rank General of the Armies
Title(s) Duke of Lyons
Children William Regis[2]

Edward Regis was a Lyran soldier, officer, General and eventual nobleman and General of the Armies of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces during the late Third Succession War era.


Life and Career[edit]

Born on the world of Arcturus in the capital city of Malcheema,[1] Regis apparently came from relatively humble beginnings. At the age of 16, he enlisted in the LCAF as an infantryman, and was assigned to the 5th Arcturan Lancers. Regis quickly distinguished himself, demonstrating natural leadership qualities and an infectious calmness in battle. In due time, he was selected to attend the prestigious Nagelring Academy on Tharkad. There, Regis' strategic genius became apparent, and upon graduation, Regis was assigned to the 23rd Arcturan Guards, where he would eventually take command. The Twenty-third was a hard-fighting unit seeing heavy combat regularly, but they excelled under Regis' calm command. At one point, Regis took command of the 2nd Royal Guards, one of the most prestigious commands in the Inner Sphere. Regis received the McKennsy Hammer for his leadership of the Guards. Regis' success eventually came to the attention of Archon Alessandro Steiner, who assigned him to the Strategy and Tactics Division. Regis would develop the Operation Concentrated Weakness, a military strategy involving massing garrison units from the realm's interior on the Lyran border with the Free Worlds League. Although the plan had its merits, the interference and revisions made by Archon Alessandro created a number of problems with the strategy, leading to utter disaster when Free Worlds League Military units began striking deep behind Lyran lines. This led to Alessandro's ouster, and the rise to power of his niece, Katrina Steiner. When Archon Katrina demoted Regis to the Quartermaster Corps, he accepted the reassignment without complaint. A year later, Archon Katrina reversed her decision, restoring Regis to the Strategy and Tactics department. He soon implemented a successful plan for defending the border against the Draconis Combine. In 3023, Regis was promoted to General of the Armies, effectively the second most powerful individual in the Lyran state next to the Archon herself.[1][3] As Commanding General, Regis became a member of the Commonwealth Council, and was risen to the aristocracy, named as the Duke of Lyons.[4][5] At some point, Regis was awarded the Order of the Tamar Tigers, indicating that his contributions were appreciated by House Kelswa and the Tamar Pact as well as the Archon.[6]


Regis was a staunch supporter of Archon Katrina's budding alliance with First Prince Hanse Davion and the Federated Suns. Regis recognized immediately the advantages of adopting many of the tactics and practices of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.[7] In 3024, Regis observed the First Alliance Games, where a mixed detachment of troops from the 10th Lyran Guards faced an equal number of soldiers from the AFFS. The House Steiner troops were embarrassingly defeated by their Davion counterparts, and the Archon and General Regis used the results to push through their reforms into the LCAF.[8] Over the next several years, Regis, with the Archon's support, implemented their reforms, changing everything from the troops' tactics to the bureaucracy to the systems of promotion. They also reorganized most of their 'Mech regiments into Regimental Combat Teams. Regis and the Archon would push these changes through despite opposition both from the staff officers, top-heavy with nobility who owed their positions to their bloodlines, as well as the Archon's political opponents. Despite the opposition, most Lyran officers were eventually persuaded.[9][10][11]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

When the Fourth Succession War finally came, the reforms that Regis and Archon Katrina had put in place were put to the test in Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the invasion of the Draconis Combine by the LCAF. This massive undertaking was commanded by General Nondi Steiner, Margrave of the Tamar Theater and the sister of the Archon. Regis himself became the "troubleshooter" in House Steiner's military efforts, content to allow his Generals to do their jobs while he planned overall deployments. Regis worked to ensure that House Marik would prove unable to take advantage of the Lyran military's preoccupation with House Kurita. Although the Commonwealth did lose worlds to Operation DAGGER, the damage was minimized considering the numbers of troops available to each side.[12]

With the League seemingly frozen by inaction after the lull and the Lyrans fearing an eventual invasion, Regis enacted a bold strategy to convince House Marik that they were facing a full-scale attack. Regis personally commanded a bold preemptive strike on the world of Callison, employing the mercenary Hsien Hotheads and supporting units. Regis and his forces were opposed by the Marik Guard, a prestigious, elite unit composed primarily of Land-Air 'Mechs and other light machines. The primary purpose of Regis' attack was to damage the Guard, with the hope of shaking Marik confidence in further military action. Using a pirate jump point, the Lyran forces caught the FWLM troops by surprise, as they were in the middle of preparing to return to Talitha. With more than half their 'Mechs already in their DropShips, the Marik troops were left scrambling to respond. The battalion or so of LAMs they were able to deploy attempted to down some of the descending Hothead 'Mechs in the air, but Regis and the mercenaries had prepared well, and their own Aerospace fighters guarded their descent. On the ground, Regis organized his troops in a wide formation as they advanced, knowing they would face continued pressure from the Marik LAMs. Although the Hotheads took some losses, they successfully reached the spaceport before much of the Guards could empty their DropShips. With impressive supply stockpiles waiting to be loaded, the Guards were unable to use their full firepower against the Lyran mercenaries. Against the heavier Hothead equipment, they were further unable to confront the Lyrans directly. Realizing he had his enemies in an untenable situation, Regis broadcast terms for a ceasefire. The Guards would be allowed to leave Callison, while the Lyrans would take possession of the planet and the valuable military supplies. Colonel Takel Bryce-Marik reluctantly accepted the offer, giving Regis the victory.[13]

While Regis and the Hotheads were attacking Callison, other Lyran units on the Marik border began showing signs they intended to attack, from increased communications to JumpShip traffic. It was all part of a ruse crafted by Regis to convince the Marik high command that an invasion was commencing when, in fact, the Commonwealth was in no position to do so. Combined with the assault on several League worlds by the Tikonov Free Republic, Captain-General Janos Marik's confidence and public support were both devastated, leading not only to a cancellation of the proposed Marik attack, but to a complete pullback of FWLM units from the key border worlds in the region. The Lyrans not only regained the worlds they had earlier lost to Dagger, they were able to take several League worlds as well, with little or no fight. In a single battle, General Regis had effectively captured 14 worlds from House Marik.[14] The bloody but brief Fourth Succession War was considered a massive victory for the Commonwealth.

Regis was among those thanked by Dr. B. Banzai for his assistance in helping Banzai chronicle the events of the Fourth War, resulting in NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volumes One and Two.[15][16]

Later Years[edit]


Regis would remain in his position in the war's aftermath, as the militaries of both states moved ever closer to unification. When war came again in 3039, it was believed the Draconis Combine would be crushed under the combined might of the Commonwealth and Suns' armies. Nondi Steiner was once again given command of the attack on House Kurita, dubbed Operation WINTERSCHNEE. She was, however, still answerable to Regis, as General of Armies.[17] Although the war was ultimately a failure, Regis continued to support the alliance and new Archon Melissa Steiner. He was the last General of Armies of the original Lyran Commonwealth,[18] his later years and eventual death are not on record.


Although it was said that Regis was uncomfortable approaching women,[1] it is apparent that at some point during his career, he married, and had at least one child. William Regis reached the rank of Hauptmann General in the AFFC before he resigned in the 3040s because many of his fellow officers felt that he was a Davion puppet after his role in what they saw as political purges of Lyran nationalists from the new army.[19] Regis' nephew, Richard Regis II, would rise to the command of his uncle's former unit, the Second Royal Guards, during the Clan Invasion Era, holding the rank of Marshal in the AFFC and later Leutnant-General in the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. The younger Regis was a staunch Lyran nationalist who supported Katherine Steiner-Davion without question, though he remained at his post when Peter Steiner-Davion came to power.[20] Members of the Regis family would continue to serve House Steiner with distinction well into the Dark Age era.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Edward Regis was unfairly overshadowed by his contemporaries such as Morgan Hasek-Davion and Nondi Steiner. Likewise, much of the brilliant strategic planning credited to Archon Katrina Steiner was largely executed by Regis. Beneath his calm, even humble exterior, Regis was a brilliant tactical thinker. Unlike most Lyran commanders, he favored merit and good tactics over breeding and the traditional "wall of steel" approach. A Lyran patriot, he favored the alliance with the Federated Suns because he recognized that it would lead to a stronger realm. He was remembered as the last commander of the LCAF, a man respected throughout both halves of the united Federated Commonwealth.[1][18]


In times of great danger, the best person for any job that gives life and death power over the people is usually the one trying his damnedest not to be chosen.
  — From Fighting for the Commonwealth: A Biography of General Edward Regis, by Eckrick Zola, Strunk Publishers, 3025[21]


Regis became a MechWarrior while attending the Nagelring, and during the Fourth Succession War, piloted a Catapult.[13] Regis' choice of 'Mech is somewhat curious considering his rank and the Lyran preference for assault machines, and it is a further indication that he was unwilling to be confined by tradition in his tactical thinking.



Game Rules[edit]

Regis appears as a token in The Succession Wars board game. Within the game, he has scores of combat 2, military 3, administration 0 and loyalty 7.[22] This effectively represents Regis being one of the premier commanders of his time.


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