Egan Telosa

Egan Telosa
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
One Star Faith
High Visionary


Egan Telosa was a childhood friend of Melissa Steiner and Misha Auburn. He was raised a Lutheran and was in Sunday School with Melissa Steiner.[1] Despite never having shown an interest in religion before, Telosa woke up one morning of 3032 driven to contact the One Star Faith over a dream he'd had in which he had seen the blue lights of Kerenksy's ships surrounding the star in the Elissa system. So great was her faith that even her parents coverted.[1] That dream galvanithed the One Star Faith into action. Located in the far-flung Elysian Fields, Elysian was considered to be a protectorate of the Oberon Confederation by General Hendrik Grimm IV, and the High Elders of the One Star Faith were moved enough by Telosa's dream to contact Grimm and request access to the system. Grimm openly scoffed at the idea of a vision, but gave permission for the One Star Faith to migrate to Elissa - in exchange for the payment of 100 million C-bills. Despite being stunned by the sheer amount of money demanded, the One Star Faith began a twelve-year campaign to amass the funds required to make the pilgrimage to Elissa while Telosa led the group slowly towards Oberon. The One Star Faith had managed to travel as far as the Pasig system before the Inner Sphere lost contact with General Grimm, leaving the cult waiting for word that it was safe to continue the journey to Elissa.[2]

The One Star Faith steadily expanded until 3050, when the arrival of the Clans and the revelation that instead of Kerensky's descendants guarding Eden for the Faithful that they were in fact bent on the conquest and subjugation of the Inner Sphere, dealing a near mortal blow to Kroeger's vision. The faith of many of its followers shattered, membership declined drastically, only a few hundred members still believed, much to the mockery and derision of many.[3][4]

By the era of the Second Star League and the Lyran Alliance, the "reformed" One Star Faith had begun to recover thanks to the efforts of High Visionary Egan Telosa. Telosa asserted that Elissa in the coreward Periphery was the One Star, proven somewhat awkwardly by it being in the direction from which the Clans arrived. In the post-invasion era having modified Kroeger's beliefs by claiming that this paradise world will be open to all and that once discovered that the leaders of the Clans will pledge their toumans to its defense, guarding against a dark time still to come.[3] She said that the original visions were a first phase, which now needed to be continued.[1] There were some scandals on the money the leaders were moving. In theory they got a small salary from the Faith, not much more than the average worker in the Lyran Alliance, but scandalvids showed Egan Telosa piloting a Gienah HoverVette, though she said it was donated by a new member.[1]

Prior to the Word of Blake Jihad, Telosa was attempting to gather resources for one more migration, this time into the Deep Periphery.[3]


She had some offspring as the Dark Age leader of the Chosen, Wiremu Telosa, was a descendant from her.[5]


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