Character Profile
Also known as "Silverarm"
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile[1]
Rank Star Captain[1]
Profession MechWarrior[1]

Eilar "Silverhand" was a Star Captain in the Watch.[1]


Eilar was a ristar among the Exiled Wolves until she served as part of a Circle of Equals for a member of his Bloodhouse when an "accidental" shot from his rival struck his cockpit. Surprisingly he survived yet the recovery time cost him his command. Refusing to spend more time waiting for a new arm to bud, he opted for a bionic replacement (supplemented with weapons and other useful equipment) and joined the Watch. Shortly afterward his rival was killed in an accident.[1]


Eilar piloted an Arctic Cheetah with the arm painted silver to match his own. He preferred the I Configuration with a plasma cannon.[1]


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