Electromagnetic Pulse Mine

EMP Pulse Mine


Electromagnetic Pulse Mines, or EMP Mines, are technologically advanced mines, containing a low yield micro fusion bomb.[1] The design was first developed by the Terran Hegemony in 2680 for exclusive use by the Star League Defense Force. Based on Vibrabomb design, EMP mines are able to disable an entire BattleMech without causing any permanent damage. The technology went extinct in 2825 after the First Succession War, but would later be recovered by the Free Worlds League in 3058. It has since been adopted by the Word of Blake and others, and while production has increased it still has yet to meet demand for the mines.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

EMP Mines detonate using the same rules as other mines, however they may only be deployed by minelayer vehicles or infantry. When detonated, only conventional infantry receive physical damage, all other units must roll on EMP Mine Effects Table. Remote electrical systems (ex. Collapsible Command Module) are permanently destroyed by the pulse. EMP Mines have no effect on mobile structures, airborne units, or units 200 tons or more.[2]


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