Elemental (Battle Armor)

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This article is about the Battle Armor of the Clans. For the super-soldier infantry, see Elemental.
Elemental BA LTMEG.png
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Various other Clans
Production Year 2868[1]
Use Armored Infantry
Weight Class Medium
Tech Base Clan
Cost 500,000 C-bills
Introduced 2868
Technical specifications
Mass 1,000 kg
Top Speed 10.8 km/h
Armor Type Standard
BV (1.0) Small Laser = 56
Flamer = 51
Heavy Machine Gun = 51
Machine Gun = 50
Micro Pulse Laser = 61
ER Micro Laser = 53
BV (2.0) AP Gauss = 82[2]
ER Micro Laser = 61[3]
Flamer = 58[4]
Heavy Machine Gun = 59[5]
Small Laser = 64[6]
Machine Gun = 58[7]
Micro Pulse Laser = 69[8]
Headhunter = 43[9]


The standard against which all battle armor is measured, the Elemental battle armor was first introduced in 2868 by Clan Wolf in a Trial of Possession against the Nova Cats. It was a marvel of Clan engineering that allowed a small group of operators to take down large 'Mechs and survive the encounter. While it is possible for a normal-sized human to use the battle armor, this design is tailored for the Clans' giant Elemental warriors and only they can bring out its fullest potential.


The roots of the Elemental battle armor can be traced back to pressurized diving suits built by Clan Goliath Scorpion. These underwater suits already had most of the basic equipment common to current battle armor designs: myomer musculature, self-contained air-supply and life support systems, and heavy, atmospherically sealed bodies designed to handle extreme conditions. Clan Wolf saw the diving suit's military potential, but instead of claiming the designs through combat, they directed their merchant caste to acquire a number through trade.

Weaponization of these suits began with adding armor, weapons, and small jump jets until proof of concept was established. Advanced manufacturing then ensued, and while Clan Wolf did experiment with specialist suits designed for specific environments, they eventually settled on a general purpose design that defined the standard used by all Clans for over two centuries. The specialist suits would later go on to inspire the Gnome, Salamander, Sylph and Undine.[10][11]

After the first use of the battle armor in 2868 against the Nova Cats, the Wolves entered into a series of trials later that year with Clan Hell's Horses. The Wolves put their new battle armor up against the Hell's Horses genetically engineered infantry, the precursor to the modern Clan Elemental. When the trials were over, the Hell's Horses had won the Wolves battle armor technology, and the Wolves had gotten the needed information to breed their own Elementals. Almost immediately, each Clan combined their own technology with that of the other, creating the tradition of matching Elemental troops with battle armor. Within a short period of time, battle armored Elemental troop deployments spread across Clan forces.[10][11]

The appearance of Elemental battle armor during the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere struck awe and fear in the MechWarriors who first faced them: to see swarms of armored infantrymen bouncing across the battlefield, survive direct hits even from a Medium Laser, and literally tear apart 'Mechs contributed to their initial impression that they were fighting aliens. The suits' ability to survive deadly hits and make great leaps inspired Victor Steiner-Davion to first nickname them "Toads," an epithet which continues to be used by Spheroids.[10][12]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Clan Elemental battle armor mounts one primary and one secondary weapon, plus a detachable SRM-2 pack. If two missiles are fired, the trooper may aim them at the same target or at two different targets that both lie within the firer's forward 90-degree firing arc. The launcher holds a total of four missiles. Once the missiles have been expended the launcher may be jettisoned, improving mobility. The modular weapon mount may accommodate a variety of heavy weapons: initially a Small Laser, Flamer or 12mm Machine Gun[13], later options include a Heavy Machine Gun, ER Micro Laser, or Micro Pulse Laser. The Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount typically carries a projectile weapon that is effective against unarmored targets, such as an anti-personnel machine gun.[10][11]

Elemental suits carry 250kg of armoring, allowing them to survive multiple hits from 'Mech-scale weapons,[11] though a well-placed shot from a laser rifle can penetrate the visor and kill the occupant.[14] Elementals are also equipped with countermeasures that make them harder to detect with electronic sensors like those aboard Skulker scout tanks.[15] Like all Clan suits the Elemental benefits from incorporating HarJel, creating an added layer of protection for the suit and its wearer, with a Clan LSSU further helping to keep the warrior combat-ready.[16][17]

Wearing the suit, a person can lift up to 500kg when operating on a planet with Earth-like gravity and leap twice their normal height.[18] The top running speed is only 10.8km/h, but with integral Jump Jets the suit can make leaps of 90m at a time, allowing it to cross distances more quickly.[10][11] The suit is also equipped with a strong manipulative claw capable of generating 30 ksc of pressure, allowing it to tear off 'Mech armor or hang on to an OmniMech's handholds.[18]

As with 'Mechs, the suit's head's-up display condenses a 360° picture of its surroundings to a 160° view, while many of the controls are based on visual tracking, voice commands or hand movements. For example, to switch from standard to infrared sight requires only that the warrior glance at the desired vision mode on their HUD. Elemental warriors are highly trained so that their systems aren't accidentally activated through carelessness such as idle chatter.[18]


  • Headhunter 
    This variant was created by Clan Wolf in 3050 to carry out decapitation strikes against Inner Sphere command personnel during the Clan Invasion. It removes the missile launcher to include an additional Power Pack, Heat and Improved Sensors, a Remote Sensor Dispenser, and a pair of extra Fuel Tanks for its jump jets, while mounting a fixed anti-personnel Machine Gun in addition to the anti-personnel weapon mount. BV (1.0) = 40, BV (2.0) = 43[19]
  • Elemental II 
    Based on the Elemental II (X), this version of the venerable Elemental armor replaces all the weaponry with a single AP Gauss Rifle and an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount. While offering the same protection as the original Elemental armor, the Elemental II lacks jump capability. Instead it uses a Battle Armor Myomer Booster to reach speeds of 46 km/h. BV (2.0) = 70[28]

Custom Variants[edit]

  • Elemental II (X) 
    An experiment by Clan Hell's Horses, this variant is equipped with a Battle Armor Myomer Booster. To fit this system onto the chassis and maintain the same level of protection the engineers had to increase the suit's weight by 50%. This in turn limited the amount of weaponry the suit could carry. The Elemental II (X) has a Detachable Weapon Pack that carries a Micro Pulse Laser, while an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount is on the left arm. The right arm carries a Light Machine Gun, and each arm has a Battle Claw. Though the Elemental II (X) met the design goals, the fact that it can't make anti-'Mech attacks and the need to jettison the main weapon (Micro Pulse Laser) before jumping or moving at top speed led the Khans to cancel this project. BV (2.0) = 42[29]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Elemental II variant is subject to the following Design Quirk:[28]

The Elemental II (X) variant has the following Design Quirks:[29]



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