Elemental Facility 4

Elemental Facility 4
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) York
Primary Products unknown

Elemental Facility 4 was a Clan Blood Spirit manufacturing facilities/organization located in Clan Space.[1]


Elemental Facility 4 was one of several Blood Spirit enclaves in the Spirit's capital system, York. The facility was the largest and last battle armor remaining on York. During the continued Trials of Possession between Clan Blood Spirit and Clan Star Adder on York, the Adders took Possession of the factory in mid 3068. Desperate to reclaim the factory, saKhan Troy Boques bargained with the Spirits' traditional allies, Clan Snow Raven, agreeing with the Ravens to a series of Trials of Possession for parts of the Raven touman. Acquiring all of Clan Snow Raven's Zeta Galaxy and a sibko of aerospace pilots, the Ravens delivered these forces to York. During the delivery, the CSR Snowflake destroyed the CSA Constantineau when it attempted to interfere. The relief from fresher units allowed Clan Blood Spirit to retake Elemental Facility 4 by the end of September 3068.[1]

York was subsequently abandoned by Clan Blood Spirit in Fall 3072 after Clan Star Adder bombarded the surface form orbit 6-28 August.[2]


Elemental Facility 4 has a manufacturing center on the following planets:


Unknown. When taken by Clan Star Adder in 3068, the facility was the "last battle armor factory on the planet".[1]


  • There are no details regarding what types of battle armor were produced at Elemental Facility 4.[1] York was abandoned after suffering massive orbital bombardment from the Clan Star Adder 6-28 August 3072[2]


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