11th Lyran Regulars

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Eleventh Lyran Regulars
Nickname The Hammers
Affiliation Lyran Commonwalth
Parent Command Lyran Regulars

The 11th Lyran Regulars was a BattleMech regiment in service to House Steiner.



The 11th Regulars were reportedly one of the most active Lyran units on the Free Worlds League border during the Third Succession War. By the end of that long conflict, they were in a sorry shape, and the LCAF nearly dissolved the regiment. After the 11th protested, it was instead decided to relocate them to Australia far from the border to allow them to rebuild. [1]

As of 3025, the 11th was based on Australia. [2]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Still recovering on Australia, the 11th saw no action during the Fourth Succession War, however several of its former veterans distinguished themselves with other units during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG. [1] [3]

First Skye Rebellion[edit]

The 11th was sent to the Federation of Skye to help contain the First Skye Rebellion. With no apparent ties to the Free Skye movement, they made an effective stabilizing force.[1]

War of 3039[edit]

When the War of 3039 was launched, the 11th Regulars were chosen as part of the Lyran-thrust of the invasion. Leaving their homeworld of Sabik, the 11th used Ryde as a jump-off point, joining General Caesar Steiner's task force in an assault on Kessel. Fighting alongside the 2nd Donegal Guards and the 4th Skye Rangers, the Lyrans hit Kessel in April, officially defended only by the 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. Despite the Lyrans having an overwhelming advantage in numbers and experience, the Cadre gave a good accounting of itself, defending the capital city of Sverdlovsk. Eventually driven away with heavy casualties, the 12th had seemed to retreat to their DropShips, apparently leaving Kessel in Lyran hands. [4] Having been held mostly in reserve, the 11th Regulars took only light casualties. [5]

Unfortunately the planet's citizenry was not willing to accept the LCAF easily, and elements of the 11th were alleged to have supported Lyran partisans in a series of brutal reprisals against the Yakuza and ISF-backed guerilla resistance, a turn of events that made a bad situation worse. It was also discovered that the 12th Sun Zhang was still on-planet, having feigned a retreat off-world earlier in the campaign, and they were now assisting the Kuritan civilian population with 'Mech attacks against the Lyrans. In July, the 12th Sun Zhang was reinforced by the elite 2nd Sword of Light and the 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. On July 29, the second battle for Kessel truly began. The 11th Regulars and Skye Rangers attempted to use Listen-Kill Missiles to slow the advance of the Sworders, only to find they were ineffective. The 2nd Donegal was able to maul the 5th Cadre when the inexperienced Kuritan soldiers pressed an apparent weakness in the enemy's line, only to fall into a trap. Unfortunately for the 11th Regulars, while their companions were smashing the Fifth Cadre the Second Sword of Light bore down on the relatively green Eleventh Regulars. Under orders from General Steiner to hold their position against one of the most storied units in the Inner Sphere, the Regulars were brutalized. The Sworders reached to within fifty meters of the Lyran regimental headquarters before the Hammers managed a bold counter-attack, supported by the 2nd Donegal. The Steel Dragon withdrew, settling for the knowledge that they had heavily damaged the 11th Regulars. For weeks afterwards, the two sides maneuvered in a series of minor actions, unwilling to fully commit to another pitched battle. In early September, however, the ISF succeeded in destroying the Lyrans' main ammunition depot, putting Caesar Steiner in a difficult position. When it became clear no further support would be forthcoming from the High Command, Steiner ordered a retreat in early October. [6] The 11th retreated to Ryde with the rest of the task force, but so great were the Hammers' losses that they ceased to exist as a viable fighting unit. [5]

After the war, the 11th Regulars returned to Australia to recover, [5] though it apparently soon returned to the Federation of Skye.[1]

Clan Invasion[edit]

When the Clan Invasion struck in 3050, the 11th was based on Sabik once again. [7] The 11th was briefly relocated to the Clan border for garrison duty, but was eventually transferred back to the Federation, apparently having seen little action.[1]

The Lyons Thumb[edit]

During the succession of the Lyran Alliance when the Draconis Combine placed troops in the Lyons Thumb as peace-keepers, Sabik was occupied by the 32nd Galedon Regulars. The 11th initially contested the 32nd Galedon's landing, and only stood down two days later after receiving orders from Tharkad. Despite orders not to interfere with the Kuritans, members of the 11th continued to cause trouble through sabotage, jamming of DCMS communications and stirring the local civilian population to revolt. Unwilling to start a war, the Lyran High Command relocated the 11th Regulars to Alphecca.[1]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

When the FedCom Civil War broke out in December 3062, the 11th was still based on Alphecca. [8] They remained there until July 3065, when they were sent to Skye by General of the Armies Nondi Steiner to bring the Skye Legislature under control in the wake of Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner's revolt. After letting them land, John Claverhouse Dundee ordered the 1st Skye Jaegers and the planetary militia to attack the 11th, driving them out of the capital city of New Glasgow. Having taken heavy casualties and with two of his DropShips under Free Skye control, the 11th withdrew back to Alphecca, but not before Colonel Jeremy Donner left some of his "irregulars" behind to join with Lohengrin operatives in forming an underground force that effectively disrupted the Skye government until the end of the conflict. [9] The intelligence gathered by the 11th would later prove critical to the LAAF in future operations on Skye.[8][10] [11] [12]

The 11th Regulars later saw action on Launam, where they took moderate damage. [8]

According to one report, the 11th fought on Freedom late in the war, fighting on the side of the Free Skye Movement. Finally forced to surrender, Colonel Jeremy Donner was apparently charged with war crimes. [13] These events, however, are not reflected in multiple accounts and post-war descriptions, and may be considered unreliable.

The Jihad[edit]

As of August 3067, the 11th was still based on Launam at 60 percent strength.[12]

Even while the rest of the Inner Sphere was reeling from the opening salvos of the Word of Blake's Jihad, the 11th became part of Operation Überschatten, the Skye Province's unsanctioned and unsupported invasion of the Free Worlds League. They were able to take Colfax, facing only light resistance. Unfortunately for the Regulars, in August 3068 they faced Marshall Jeremy Brett's counter-attack, Operation Broken Fist, and found themselves besieged by three FWLM regiments. Despite being an under-strength green unit, the 11th refused calls to surrender and were destroyed. At least a third of the 11th survived and were taken as POWs to camps on other worlds.[14] [15]


Years later, then-Archon Adam Steiner ordered the 11th Regulars rebuilt as part of the restored Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Based on Loburg, the new unit was built around two companies of the 15th Lyran Regulars. [16] As of 3085, they were at 30 percent strength with an attached infantry brigade operating at 60 percent strength.[17] Its reformation was met with protest by locals due to the presence of Lt. Kylie Karmak, who was the granddaughter of criminal, "Baron" Karmak.[18]

Dark Age and beyond[edit]

The unit was deployed as part of Operation Hammerfall, as part of the invasion force to claim a swath of new worlds from the former Free Worlds League in 3137. However, Clan Wolf a ally in the invasion, would turn its guns on their Lyran allies. The 11th was destroyed by Clan Wolf forces by 3142.[19]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 11th Lyran Regulars
Leutnant-General Jeremy Donner[7][1] 3050 - 3062
Colonel Jeremy Donner[12] 3067
Leutnant-General Dennis Fuentes[17] 3085


Accustomed to dealing with the situation in the Skye region, the Eleventh developed unusual "special forces" tactics that made them an effective nuisance against the 32nd Galedon Regulars. [1]

Composition History[edit]

2786 - 2821[edit]

11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable) [20]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Rodigo. In 2821 the command was reduced to 41 percent of its strength and was deployed on Harvest. [20]


11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable) [21]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Harvest with an operational readiness of 84 percent. [21]


11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Veteran/Questionable) [21]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Thannhausen with an operational readiness of 41 percent. [21]


11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Green/Reliable) [2]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Australia.


11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[22]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Australia. [22]


11th Lyran Regulars (Regiment/Green/Reliable) [7]

  • CO: Leutnant General Jeremy Donner[7]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Sabik. [7]


11th Lyran Regulars (Green/Reliable)[1][12]
CO: Colonel Jeremy Donner

11th Lyran Regulars Combat Auxiliary (Reinforced Battalion/Regular/Reliable) [1][12]
CO: Kommandant Tiffany Steiner-Zibler


11th Lyran Regulars (Regular/Reliable)[17]
CO: Leutnant General Dennis Fuentes

11th Lyran Infantry Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[17] CO: Colonel} Tihomir Novotny


Game Notes[edit]

If using the MechWarrior, Third Edition rules,11th Lyran Regulars character gain +1 in any four of seven Special Forces fields. If the 11th is the defender, roll 1d6 and apply the following results: 1- No effect, 2- gain three platoons of regular infantry, 3- place 2d6 conventional minefields in hidden locations, 4- all enemy units suffer +1 to-hit modifier on weapon attacks, 5- apply 2d6 random critical hits to the opposing force, re-rolling ammo or cockpit hits, second gyro hits or third engine hits. [23]


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