Elise Fetladral

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Elise Fetadral
Affiliation Star League Defense Force
Clan Wolf
Profession saKhan

Elise Fetladral (born ???? - died 28??) was the first saKhan of Clan Wolf.[1]


Only scattered details exist about the life and service of Elise Fetladral. Likely to be a descendant of or otherwise related to General Rebecca Fetladral, Commander of the Star League Defense Force prior to retiring in favor of her aide, General Aleksandr Kerensky,[2] she would follow Kerensky during Operation Exodus, likely remaining an active part of the Star League-in-Exile military even after the mass-reduction of forces that took place after the settlement of the Pentagon Worlds.

Operation Klondike[edit]

Elise Fetladral would follow Nicholas Kerensky into exile on Strana Mechty during the Second Exodus. At some point after the formation of the Clans in 2807, she would become saKhan of Clan Wolf, quietly aiding Khan Jerome Winson in the task of shaping the Wolves into a dynamic fighting force.[1]

By 2821, the Wolves were more than ready to return to the Pentagon Worlds, having been the first Clan certified for combat, and selected along with three other Clans for the prestigious task of taking back the planet Eden from the rebel factions that held it. They would perform so well that ilKhan Kerensky would not only activate them to finish the staled fighting on Dagda, he would eventually select them as the Clan that would carry his genetic legacy.[3] Continuing in her role of quiet support and leadership, few details exist regarding her specific role in Operation Klondike, save one. Born of the competition that already existed between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon, a disciplinary incident would crop up when Wolf Star Commander Franklin Ward commanded his BattleMech Star to to step over the infantry forces of Jade Falcon Star Captain Carl Icaza in pursuit of rebel infantry positions. This resulted in a brawl between the two officers after the battle. When Jade Falcon Khan Elizabeth Hazen and saKhan Fetladral arrived after the fact, the two leaders would agree that the Wolves had violated the combat rights of the Falcon infantry and Star Captain Icaza, who had called for the enemy targets in advance of the attack. As a consequence, the Wolf MechWarriors were whipped for their actions, a stern and painful lesson about violating the honor of the new Clan warrior traditions that were taking root.[4]


The disciplinary actions against Star Commander Ward would help add to a rivalry that would one day evolve into one of the great feuds of Clan history,[4] though it would also provide support to the emergence of zellbrigen and other codifications of Clan warfare as staples of the what became known as the Honor Road.

As founder of the Fetladral Bloodname House,[5] her line would represent yet another link to the glory of Clan Wolf's Star League heritage. Her descendents would serve with distinction in all branches of the Clan Wolf Touman, and on both sides of the eventual schism between the Crusader Wolves and Warden Wolves that sundered the Clan after the Refusal War.[6][7][8]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Wolf
28?? - 28??

Succeeded by


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