Elissa Nash

Elissa Nash
Died 3073
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Profession Star Colonel

Elissa Nash (born 30?? - died 3073) was commanding officer of Clan Coyotes Eighteenth Assault Cluster.[1]


A warrior in the Clan Coyote touman, by 3061 Elissa had reached the rank of Star Colonel, and been given command of the Eighteenth Assault Cluster;[1] she would continue to command the Cluster throughout the next decade.[2]


Elissa was killed when the Eighteenth Assault Cluster was destroyed on Niles in 3073 by a combined force from Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Fire Mandrill. They were besieged in a complex of BattleMech and Battle Armor factories. Their one success was a nighttime sortie against the Blood Spirit's Alpha Galaxy that killed Galaxy Commander Jon Church.[3]


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