Vessel Profile
Previous names The Dream
Type DropShip
Class Leopard

The Elizabeth, formerly named The Dream, was a Leopard-class DropShip associated with the Langford Wraiths mercenary unit. Around the onset of the Jihad in 3067 the unit was hired for a mission in the Deep Periphery and would eventually return on another vessel, suggesting the Elisabeth was lost in the periphery.


The Dream was operated by Captain Roy Hemmer and his daughter Jane until 3058, when the Hemmers met Elizabeth Langford, a member of the Blue Star Irregulars mercenaries. Elizabeth resigned from the Irregulars and joined Roy and Jane, who had made their living performing small mercenary jobs in the Periphery prior to meeting Elizabeth.[1]

With Elizabeth now a part of the crew, the Hemmers and The Dream continued to operate in the Periphery, acquiring a couple of 'Mechs over the years until Roy's death in action in late 3061. Jane took over command of the The Dream, and the ship and its crew continued to eke out a living until they accepted a mission on behalf of a family from the Federated Suns in 3064. The employers were looking to have their son rescued, who they believed to be a prisoner on the Draconis Combine world of Ashio. Transporting two additional 'Mechs plus a Vedette tank aboard and accompanied by no less than seven different mercenary outfits involved in the operationg, The Dream and her crew launched a raid to recover as many POWs as possible.[1][2]

Fighting against units from the Dieron Regulars, The Dream's crew and the various other mercenary units managed to raid several small POW camps and rescued roughly a hundred prisoners, twenty of whom escaped aboard The Dream.[2] The crew subsequently recruited additional members, including Dags Honor, a former AFFS soldier from the Robinson Rangers rescued during the Ashio raid, and a former Word of Blake member named Aaron Garret, but lost Elizabeth in action on Harvest. With Elizabeth's death, her will directed that her half-share in The Dream be left to her Executive Officer, Dags Honor, and the rest of the crew soon ratified him as the unit commander.[1]

Dags Honor accepted command on the proviso that the motley collection of personnel and equipment reform as a professional mercenary unit, complete with MRBC registration. After hiring two more MechWarriors, Dags and Jane agreed to rename The Dream to Elizabeth, in honor of Elizabeth Langford and those who had died on Ashio. Dags also had the new mercenary unit registered as the Langford Wraiths, for the same reasons.[1]

The Wraiths and the Elizabeth went on to complete a number of successful missions until the end of 3067; shortly before the Jihad erupted, the Elizabeth and her crew vanished in the Deep Periphery while on a scouting mission under the employ of Tokra Techtronics Corporation, a Lyran Commonwealth company. No information was forthcoming from Tokra Techtronics on what the Elizabeth and the Wraiths had been employed to find. However, reports issued by LIC indicated that a Leopard matching the colors of the Elizabeth was subsequently seen on Kinbrace, leaving the fate of the Elizabeth unknown.[1]

The Langford Wraiths wound up working for the Umayyad Caliphate in November of 3067 after being stranded on Cordoba because of a problem with their DropShip's computer. However, it was not mentioned if that DropShip was the Elisabeth.[3] By the time the unit limped back to the Inner Sphere, they traveled on a stolen Manatee-class DropShip instead, suggesting they lost the Elizabeth.[4]


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