Elizabeth Cameron

Elizabeth Cameron
Character Profile
Born 2459[1]
Died 2501[1]
Affiliation House Cameron
Position Director-General
Profession Noble
Parents Theodore Cameron (father)
Spouse Alexander Rimes
Children Deborah Cameron

Elizabeth Cameron was a House Cameron noble, and the 10th Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.


Character Brief History[edit]

Elizabeth was the only child of Director-General Theodore Cameron and wife Joanna Simons. She was raised to appreciate the extravagant lifestyle that her father indulged in; however, unlike her father, she was bit more tame. Elizabeth would ascend the throne in 2479.

As Director-General of the Terran Hegemony[edit]

Her reign was a quiet one, partially due to her lack of interest in the affairs of the state. The Hegemony high council would be the only thing that kept Elizabeth involved with the military and the general public. Due to the council's hard work, they were able to get Elizabeth to make decisions in order to keep the nation from falling apart.

The only thing that is associated with Elizabeth Cameron during her reign as Director-General would be the development of the aerospace fighter, lighter BattleMech designs, and the improvement of computer systems.


Elizabeth would die on the planet of New Earth in 2501 to the New Earth Pox.[2]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Elizabeth was married to Alexander Rimes, the Duke of New Earth, and they had only one child, Deborah.[1][2]

Elizabeth would be remembered as the mother of Deborah Cameron, who would go on to help revive the Hegemony that her family left neglected for so long.


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