Elizabeth Jordan (Capellan Confederation)

Elizabeth Jordan Liao.jpg
Elizabeth Jordan
Character Profile
Also known as Elizabeth Jordan Liao
"Beth Geordana"[1]
Born 2986
Died 3029[1]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Title(s) Mandrissa of Carver IV[2]
Dame Liao of St. Andre[2]
Prefectress of Capella (Commonality)[2]
Position President of the House of Scions[2]
Spouse Maximilian Liao

The daughter of a wealthy St. Ives aerospace industrialist, Elizabeth Jordan was the second wife of Chancellor Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation during its darkest days in the Fourth Succession War.[2] (It is unclear in what year they married, though from the context it would have been before 3021.)

Described as statuesque, with waist-long, raven-black hair, she had a penchant for wearing black and gold silks.[2] She was considered very beautiful, and Maximilian Liao apparently felt genuine affection for her.


Early life[edit]

Lady Elizabeth Jordan married Chancellor Maximilian Liao after his first wife had died in a mountain-climbing accident on Mount Sumatra on Wei.[2] It was reported that "Lady Liz", while not overly ambitious, still delighted in being the First Lady and meddling in the affairs of others, and that she was capable of considerable cruelty when her anger was aroused.[2]

As "Beth Geordana", a pen name closely matching her maiden name, she had covertly written poetry at one point but it was rejected by the State Poetry Review as "too forced and commercial"; in response, she had he editors deported to the penal colony of Brazen Heart (which indicates she was already in a position of power at the time, apparently already married to Maximilian Liao).[1]

When her stepson Tormano Liao married Hanya No Cha at some point prior to 3021, Elizabeth Jordan Liao demanded his banishment for his refusal to consult with her before marrying beneath his station.[2]

At one point in or prior to 3022 she influenced a judicial inquiriy against the Church of Future Present as an "impartial observer"; as a result one in five known supporters of the harmless creed was involuntarily exiled to a periphery world.[3]

As of ca. 3025, she was a member of the Prefectorate of the Capellan Confederation as a representative of the Capellan Commonality.[4] As the Chancellor's wife she also sponsored the annual Tikonov Universal Exhibition (an art competition held each September since 2997) and determined its theme each year.

She was known to be a firm supporter of her husband's policies, to the point where some thought she might be the brain behind many of his schemes,[2] but was not particularly loyal to Maximilian himself, as she had an affair with Pavel Ridzik which was discovered by spy Alexi Malenkov on Terra in 3028 at Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner's wedding[5] and which was already known to ComStar as of ca. 3025.[2]

Disappearance and death[edit]

Dame Liao had a mutually strained relationship with her stepchildren. Romano Liao in particular hated her stepmother with a vengeance. When Elizabeth Liao made preparations to abscond with wayward Colonel Pavel Ridzik (who himself was making preparations to secede his Tikonov Commonality from the doomed Capellan Confederation and form the Tikonov Free Republic) near the end of the Fourth Succession War, she was captured by Romano Liao's agents and forced to write a verigraph message luring Ridzik into an assassin's trap. When Ridzik was subsequently killed by means of a slow-acting and very painful poison, the assassin also informed him of Elizabeth's fate: She was promised that she would be allowed to live with Ridzik afterwards after renouncing all ties and claims to the throne, but was then killed after composing the message.[1] Her corpse was found around May 3029 with clear indications that she had been murdered, but officially it was announced that she had died in a swimming accident.[6]

The verigraph message indicated that Elizabeth Liao may genuinely have loved Ridzik, who for his part felt he was above such irrational feelings yet found her an attractive companion.


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