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Elle Bennett

Elle Bennett
Character Profile
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Profession MechWarrior
Children Natasha Ergen

Elle Bennett was a MechWarrior from the Lyran Commonwealth's Fifth Donegal Guards.



Bennett graduated from the MechWarrior program of Sanglamore on Skye.[1]

War of 3039[edit]

Assigned to the Fifth Donegal Guards shortly after graduation, Bennett was on Ryde in January 3039 for the jump-off position in the conflict that would be known as the War of 3039[1][2]. In April, together with the Twenty-third Arcturan Guards, the Fifth Donegal Guards launched the attack on their Wave One target ofAlrakis[3]. Despite the majority of the 5th Donegal remaining in orbit, Bennett made planetfall, perhaps as part of a regimental liaison with the 23rd Arcturan. She was credited with eight kills on Arakis, being particularly effective against Shadow Hawks and Dragons at short-range. During the campaign Bennett would use her lasers to carve an "E" in the chest of each 'Mech she defeated.[1][3]

Marriage and children[edit]

It is unknown if Bennett married, though she did have at least one child, Natasha Ergen[4].


Bennett owned and piloted a GRF-1E Griffin which she nicknamed "Sparky". Prior to the War of 3039 she had replaced the LRM launcher of her Griffin with five medium lasers, one mounted in each torso, one beside the PPC and two in Sparky's left arm. The additional weight saved went towards an extra heat sink and an additional ton of armor.[1] [5]

This 'Mech would later be upgraded to a GRF-1E2 "Sparky 2.0" by Corean Enterprises at the request of Bennett's daughter who was then piloting the 'Mech[4]



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