Elliot McKibben

Elliot McKibben
Died 16 December 3074
Affiliation Clan Coyote
The Society
Profession Khan

Elliot McKibben (born 30?? - died 16th December, 3074) was known as "The Paper Khan"[1] and the "False Khan"[2]. He served as Khan of Clan Coyote after the death of Khan Silas Kufahl.


Said to be a trueborn warrior caste washout who was assigned to the scientist caste in 3055, Elliot McKibben was known as the top geneticist in Clan Coyote, quickly becoming the Coyote Keeper. He would be given the chance to serve as a warrior again just before the Society made its move to seize power in the Clan Homeworlds. He supposedly destroyed four 'Mechs when he tested out as a warrior, even earning a Bloodname in 3070, though sources vary on the exact date that he became a warrior with others placing this date at 3072.[1][3][4]

Reign of the Paper Khan[edit]

After the death of Silas Kufahl, McKibben was elected to the position of Khan of Clan Coyote, most likely due to manipulation of the Clan Council by the Society. His reign was not unopposed; saKhan Raven Clearwater would challenge the election results with a Trial of Refusal, though she would lose her bid at refuting the result.[4]

When the HPG networks went completely down, McKibben was the one who pushed the Coyotes onward, keeping their rampage alive from world to stricken world. But it would not be enough to subdue the might of the Clans. In 3074, ilKhan Brett Andrews and his Steel Vipers invaded Tamaron, putting an end to the Coyote's with a challenge to its Khans. Khan McKibben and saKhan Clearwater would both answer the challenge, meeting the Viper Khans face to face. Reports of the meeting indicate Raven Clearwater offered her life as surkairede for her Clan's egregious choices. The ilKhan would accept this, allowing her to dispose of Elliot McKibben before personally ending her life.[4][5]


The death of Elliot McKibben was nearly the death of the Coyotes as a Clan. His reign would see the highest treason committed ever against the Clans, yet they would survive the ordeal - perhaps because of saKhan Clearwater's surkairede, or perhaps because their actions helped to clear the way for the downfall of the Bloody ilKhan and the corrupt Steel Vipers.

Surviving members of the McKibben Bloodname House would work hard to redeem the McKibben Blood Heritages in the years to follow.[2]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Silas Kufahl
Khan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by
Leo Koga


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