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Elson Nova Cat
Character Profile
Died March 3070
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Wolf's Dragoons

Elson Novacat was a Freeborn Elemental of Clan Nova Cat taken as a bondsman by Wolf's Dragoons during the Battle of Luthien in 3052.


Early Dragoon Career[edit]

Within months of being taken bondsman by the Wolf's Dragoons, Elson was able to test into the position of officer in the Dragoon's Elemental Program. He was offered the Honorname Wolfson but declined it flatly, and was allowed to keep his Novacat surname. Despite his Freeborn origins, something that was highly unusual for an Elemental, Elson's politics were that of a staunch Crusader and follower of the Clan way of doing things. Among other accomplishments during this period, his unit's performance was key in the battle of Morges in 3053 against Clan Jade Falcon.

Not satisfied with the Dragoon's organization and commanders, as well as frustrated at his feelings of being held back, Elson decided to reforge the Dragoons into his own vision. Soon enough he found a tool with which to accomplish his scheme: an impressionable and equally dissatisfied Alpin Wolf, the son of Mackenzie Wolf and grandson of Jaime Wolf, the Dragoons' legendary commander. Through promises of greater glory, subtle manipulation, and political jockeying, Elson soon developed a cult-like following throughout the ranks of younger Dragoons, using his point of view as a newcomer to take advantage of tensions within a unit with a diverse makeup. After the sudden and suspicious death of Mackenzie Wolf during a fierce firefight with bandits while on a Periphery run to a cache of WarShips and other hardware in mothball orbit around a distant star called Bristol, Elson saw the chance he had been looking for. Upon their return from the Periphery, he successfully used Clan challenges to remove Jaime Wolf from command in favor of his puppet, young Alpin Wolf.[1]

Dragoon Civil War[edit]

The result of these events was the Dragoon Civil War, where Alpin and Elson's supporters were opposed by elements of the Dragoons still loyal to Jaime Wolf. Wolf's loyalists took refuge on an area of Outreach used mostly for secret experiments with new equipment and BattleMechs called "the Outback", a place where they would have the advantage of terrain knowledge to help offset their lesser numbers. In spite of this, the crafty Elson Novacat carried out his plan of attack with a vengeance. After several weeks of bitter fighting where brother, sister and former friends alike were pitted against one another, the situation came to a head. Just as the loyalists' backs were forced to the wall, Maeve Wolf recognized correctly that Elson's one great weakness was his reliance on the easily manipulated Alpin. Seizing this opportunity, she cleverly provoked the inexperienced Alpin into single combat, killing him. Elson himself was defeated after his suit was destroyed and he was gravely injured by a Locust. Shortly thereafter, the conflict ended with Jaime Wolf returning to command of his now decimated regiments, to begin a long process of reconciliation and healing within the ranks of his beloved Dragoons.[1]


As a result of the conflict, Jaime Wolf imposed new rules declaring that none of his descendants would inherit command. Elson himself survived his injuries, and after accepting Jaime as his worthy commander, became the commander of a special Dragoons Elemental unit (nicknamed "Toads from Hell", much to Elson's chagrin).

Jihad and Death[edit]

Elson's Elemental Strike Cluster was one of the few Dragoons units to remain on Outreach relatively intact in the early years of the Jihad. They were highly successful against the Word of Blake occupiers, rescuing Major Tara Lucas, formerly of Zeta Battalion. Elson was also successful in "de-programming" her of Blakist influence. Elson himself was eventually killed in a skirmish in 3070.[2]


  • It was taken as a given by many of Elson's subordinates that he would dispose of Alpin once Jaime Wolf's rebellion was crushed. He himself did not deny the suggestion.[1] Indeed, much later, the event would be remembered by the Dragoons as "Elson's Challenge".


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