Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


The ISS Emerald was an Essex-class WarShip operated by ComStar and one of the force elements contributed to Task Force Serpent in 3059, along with one of the Emerald's sister ships, the ISS Starlight.[1]

The ISS Emerald participated in what became known as the Battle of Trafalgar against forces from Clan Ghost Bear in the Deep Periphery on the 15th of December 3059.[2] Then, on the 5th of March 3060 the ISS Emerald and the other WarShips within Task Force Serpent engaged in battle with two Vincent Mk 42-class corvettes and a Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser above the Clan Smoke Jaguar planet of Huntress. The Emerald survived the battle,[3] only to then have to join the rest of Task Force Serpent in a second violent naval battle above Huntress just two weeks later on the 19th of March, this time fighting against Smoke Jaguar forces retreating from Operation Bulldog in the Inner Sphere.[4]

The Emerald's sister ship, the Starlight, was destroyed in the course of this desperate battle, along with the Smoke Jaguar Vincent Mk 42 that the Starlight had rammed. The Emerald suffered a great deal of damage during the battle, and after the battle was over it was decided that the Emerald was so heavily damaged that it should be abandoned.[4]


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