Engineer's Portable Console

Engineer's Portable Console


An Engineer's Portable Console is a common computer console used by spacecraft engineers to access various systems aboard their ship. About the size of a book and weighing four kilograms the portable console can override control panels which have been damaged, lost power, or been overridden from another location, allowing for total control over any of the ship's systems. A variety of preprogrammed cartridges allow the console to emulate the control panels of just about any ship in the Inner Sphere, although its built-in programming means it can function as a generic control panel if no cartridges are available.[1]



Item: Engineer's Portable Console[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/B-E-C/C
Cost: 5000
Affiliation: None
Mass: 4kg
Notes: Interface; Requires power pack or plug (1 Power Point per Hour); +1 to Security/Electronics; -1 to Piloting

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