Enhanced Imaging Neural Implant

Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus with EI implants


Enhanced Imaging Neural Implants formed part of the Clans' Enhanced Imaging system and were useful only when combined with a BattleMech, ProtoMech or Battle Armor equipped with an Enhanced Imaging Display. The implants themselves consisted of electronic sensors, fiber-optic wires and contact points connected to a warrior's central nervous system. Implanted just below the skin they were visible as faintly luminous lines in colors such as red, blue or green. Whether the color of the implants was an aesthetic choice or signified improvements in the technology was not known to the Inner Sphere, although Clan Jade Falcon warriors normally had implants which glowed green.[1][2][3]

When used in combination with an EI Display, a Clan warrior with these neural implants was able to assimilate data and react to it reflexively, in a sense "jacking in" to their machine. Commands to the EI display could be issued by thought alone and the instant communication between pilot and machine allowed for superior reaction times. Furthermore, the implants replaced the need for a MechWarrior to wear a Neurohelmet.[1][2][3]

The drawbacks to using the implants were quite significant. Since the pilot was directly connected to their machine's internal systems, any damage to them could cause feedback in the form of potentially lethal electrical shocks. Although a mental command could shut off the implants and prevent feedback, this could do nothing for the more serious long-term side effects.[1][2][3]

The neural degradation caused by the implants had the effect of gradual mental instability over a warrior's lifetime. Within a year of implantation, most displayed the traits of paranoia and extremely abusive personalities, with some subjects suffering from additional side-effects such as introversion, Transit Disorientation Syndrome or night blindness. Over time, these traits worsen and more serious conditions develop, including amnesia and combat paralysis.[1]

Clan scientists managed to develop drugs and therapy to combat these effects, however this required daily access to a Clan medical facility and at best could only delay the inevitable: within three years most EI warriors were rendered unfit for duty by catatonic insanity. The only permanent way to stop the mental deterioration of a warrior was to completely remove the EI implants, which prevented any further damage but did not cure any of the side-effects already suffered up to that point.[1]


For CBT rules see Enhanced Imaging page. For RPG rules a warrior with EI implants operating a machine with an EI Display gains +1 to Piloting checks, ignore the negative effects of darkness modifiers, and may reduce negative modifiers for shooting through woods, jungle or smoke effects by 1 to a minimum of -1. If an EI-equipped 'Mech or ProtoMech suffers internal damage or a battle armor suit suffers damage which reduces its Tactical Armor value, a BOD+WIL check must be made and - if failed - cause 0E/2D damage which cannot be reduced by personal armor.[4]


Item: Enhanced Imaging (EI) Neural Implant
Equipment Ratings: F/X-X-D/F
Cost: 1,500,000
Affiliation: Clan
Notes: Grafted



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