Enlightened Spark

Enlightened Spark
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex


One of many WarShips to be disabled and abandoned or lost during the Star League era or the early Succession Wars, the Essex-class destroyer later known as the Enlightened Spark was one of a number of ships recovered by the Word of Blake[1] and restored to working order in secret.[2]

The WoBS Enlightened Spark was one of six Essex-class destroyers to serve in the Blakist fleet at the height of its power;[1] while the Blakists operated the Spark's sister ships WoBS Deliverance and WoBS Hidden Meaning openly,[2] they were also operating the WoBS Dawning Horizon and WoBS Divine Forgiveness in secret prior to the Jihad, as well as stealing the former Clan Smoke Jaguar WarShip CSJ Dark Claw from her position in mothballs above Dieron and restoring her to working order.[1]

The Enlightened Spark was the third of the Blakist Essexes to be destroyed in action, and was lost when Clan Ghost Bear attacked the Ruins of Gabriel facility in the Odessa system in early 3075.[3][4]


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