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Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

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Galaxy Epsilon (Clan Wolf) logo.jpg
Epsilon Galaxy
Nickname The Gray Wolves
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Clan Wolf touman


Operation Revival[edit]

During Operation Revival Epsilon Galaxy was considered the weakest of Clan Wolf's five Galaxies due to the fact it was composed mostly of freeborns and those trueborns too old to continue their service in other units. Given second-rate equipment and assigned garrison duties, those times when the Galaxy was not completely ignored it was often blamed for any troubles to have befallen Clan Wolf, while any success if noticed was chalked up to luck.[1]

However Ulric Kerensky was far more lenient and understanding of Epsilon Galaxy during his service as senior Khan.[1] When it came time for Clan Wolf to increase its pace and be the first to reach Terra, Khan Kerensky utilized Epsilon Galaxy for the first time in frontline combat when the Dorbeng Garrison Cluster was used to simultaneously conquer two worlds, Bruben and Hermagor, during the Third Wave in June 3050.[2] This Cluster was used again along with the Green Keshik to conquer the strategically important world of New Oslo during the Fourth Wave in July.[3] During the Fifth Wave Epsilon Galaxy was far more active and conquered multiple worlds. In November 3051 the Choyer and Gurbeng Clusters took Cusset while the Green Keshik, Nega and Dorbeng Clusters secured Laurent.[4] Two months later in December Hainfeld, Karston and Wheel were taken, the first by the Green Keshik, Nega and Dorbeng Clusters, the second by Choyer and the third by Gurbeng.[5] Finally in April 3052 the Green Keshik and Dorbeng Cluster captured Ramsau, the last world conquered by Clan Wolf before the Battle of Tukayyid.[6]


After the Battle of Tukayyid in 3052 Epsilon Galaxy was renamed Sigma Galaxy and acted as a garrison galaxy in the Clan Wolf touman for the newly won Occupation Zone. By 3054 Sigma had its clusters spread across the Wolf territory including in the near Periphery.[7] Sigma Galaxy survived the Refusal War relatively intact. Khan Vlad Ward had Sigma retrained and restructured, handing command of the Galaxy to Katya Kerensky.[8][9] As the Crusader Wolves reorganized it was renamed as Epsilon Galaxy once again for the short existence of Clan Jade Wolf.[10] This situation lasted for only 19 days (14 Dec 3057 - 2 Jan 3058) before Khan Vlad Ward rechristened the Clan to full active status as the new Clan Wolf after killing the newly elected ilKhan Elias Crichell. The Jade Wolf Galaxy was disbanded to form the core of the rebuilt Wolf Delta Galaxy.[9][8]

Republic Era[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy was rebuilt sometime after the Jihad, although it had not formed by 3085. During the move of the Wolf Clan from their Occupation Zone to the new location on the Free Worlds League/Lyran Commonwealth border, Epsilon was able to easily take many Lyran supply depots. The Galaxy rebuilt from this isorla and as such became known for its heavy and assault units. Wolf commanders feel that this preponderance of weight makes the Galaxy too slow for offensive operations, so it found itself stationed on the systems at the center of the Wolf Empire as a defensive unit.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
Galaxy Commander Djuna Kerensky 3044[1]
Galaxy Commander Anton Fetladral 3044 - During Operation REVIVAL[1]
Galaxy Commander Jared Ch'in 3057[12]
Commanding Officers of the Epsilon Galaxy (Wolf Empire)
Galaxy Commander Niels Carns 3137-3151[13][14][15]

Other Officers[edit]


The unusual composition of Epsilon Galaxy's Clusters came about following the capture of Star Colonel Vlad Dinour of Clan Goliath Scorpion in 3012, who brought with him his Clan's traditions of unique mixed Trinaries. The even number of 'Mech, Elemental and fighter Stars in each Trinary makes them ideal for defensive operations while still providing a potent offensive punch.[16]

Composition History[edit]


(Epsilon Galaxy also had nominal control over all Provisional Garrison Clusters within the Wolf Clan Occupation Zone)[1]



  • The Wolf Clan's Epsilon Galaxy was misidentified as Sigma Galaxy in Objective Raids (see page 32). This misidentification appears to continue into Field Manual: Crusader Clans.
  • Clan Wolf in Exile also has an Epsilon Galaxy in 3058 comprising two understrength Garrison Clusters noted in The Falcon and the Wolf page 57. This Galaxy does not appear in Field Manual: Warden Clans or later sourcebooks.


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