Epsilon Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons)

Wolf's Dragoons' Epsilon Regiment was an elite mercenary formation. As one of the five frontline regiments of the fabled Wolf's Dragoons, they were consistently counted among the most prestigious units in the Inner Sphere for over six decades of service.

Epsilon Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons)
Epsilon Regiment
Nickname The Harrowers
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons


For most of its history, Epsilon Regiment was known in particular for its skill at maneuvering and defensive formations. They were entirely capable of offensive operations as well, however, as they demonstrated to great effect on New Aragon and Misery. For six decades, Epsilon was present time and time again in the Dragoons' darkest hours, at Hesperus II, at An Ting, at Misery and Harrow's Sun and Crossing during the Fourth Succession War, at Luthien during the Clan Invasion, on Remus during Elson's Challenge. and finally at First Harlech on Outreach in 3067 where they were finally destroyed at the dawn of the Word of Blake Jihad. Through it all, in victory or in defeat, Epsilon gave as well as it received or better, proving its quality as an elite mercenary command. As of 3145 Epsilon Regiment had not been reactivated by Wolf's Dragoons.



Like the rest of Wolf's Dragoons, Epsilon Regiment was formed and trained in the Clan Homeworlds as a result of the Dragoon Compromise. Much of their training was provided by Clan Goliath Scorpion. Colonel Dana McGuire was ultimately chosen to command Epsilon Regiment, while Colonel Jaime Wolf, a freebirth Clan Wolf warrior, would command the Dragoons as a whole. Along with the rest of the Dragoons, Epsilon Regiment arrived in the Inner Sphere on 11 April, 3005, appearing in orbit over Delos IV before signing on with the Federated Suns.[1][2][3]

In service to Davion[edit]

In their first major operation in late 3006, Epsilon was chosen to go on a deep raid to keep House Liao's forces off balance, targeting the world of Styk. Epsilon and the Seventh Kommando drew the defending Fourth Confederation Reserve Cavalry outside of Hegemony Bay while Alpha Regiment damaged the Tao 'Mechworks. The raid was a complete success for the Dragoons, giving them credibility and starting to build on their legend.[4][5]

In January 3007, Epsilon Regiment was on New Valencia along with Gamma and Delta Regiments when all five regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry attacked. Under the overall command of Gamma commander Wilhelmina Korsht, the Dragoons quickly evacuated their dependents to their base at Fort Jaime, then began using their support battalions to set up a defensive screen. The Liao mercenaries soon besieged the Dragoons at Fort Jaime while taking control of the city of Raiteland, where they caused widespread havoc, destroying several civilian buildings. Despite all this, the three Dragoon regiments held Fort Jaime, turning back multiple attacks with great determination. As the days passed, word came that three regiments of the Eridani Light Horse were on their way to New Valencia to reinforce the Dragoons. At risk of being trapped and destroyed, Colonel Archibald McCarron reluctantly ordered a retreat.[6]

In December 3007, elements of Epsilon raided the Capellan world of Poznan. The operation was considered another victory for Wolf's Dragoons.[7]

In March 3008, Epsilon Regiment and virtually all the Dragoons command were rotated to Halloran V, having been chosen to participate in the critical invasion of New Aragon, along with five AFFS Regimental Combat Teams. These forces included the vaunted Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry, which would accompany the Dragoons, along with elements of the Avalon Hussars and Crucis Lancers. They were opposed by eight Capellan regiments, including the First and Second Kearny Highlanders and McCormack's Fusiliers of the famed Northwind Highlanders, along with other commands. The campaign faced problems from the start, as fortified defensive positions and constant air attacks kept the Dragoons and their allies from advancing. Only Epsilon Regiment experienced early success, as they captured the strategic location marked as Hill 714 (called "Pillbox Hill" by the Epsilons) in a night assault after three earlier attempts pushed them back. This mission demonstrated the Dragoon doctrine of combined arms tactics, as well as Epsilon's perseverance in the face of extremely heavy opposition. The entire campaign was a bloody affair for all involved, and became infamous for the death of John Waco, the son of Waco Ranger commander Colonel Wayne Waco, which sparked a vendetta between the Waco Rangers and the Dragoons that would last six decades. Despite all the adversity, the Dragoons followed Zeta Battalion into El Diablo Pass, overrunning the defending forces. This compromised the positions of the entire Capellan formation, forcing them to retreat. The Dragoons and their AFFS allies would triumph as New Aragon returned to Davion hands.[8][9][10][11]

Like most of the Dragoons, Epsilon Regiment secretly journeyed back to the Homeworlds in January 3009 to report their progress and receive new equipment, returning ten months later.[12] The Dragoons would continue to serve out the remainder of their contract with distinction in raids against the Confederation, before signing on with House Liao.[13]

In service to Liao[edit]

In early 3011, Epsilon joined Gamma and Delta Regiments on Wallacia, which was under heavy assault from the Free Worlds League Military. Epsilon and Gamma raided behind the House Marik lines, inflicting damage on their supplies and DropShips, while Delta Regiment held off three times their number.[14] Although they had successes in the short term, Epsilon suffered a heavy loss when Colonel McGuire was seriously injured in a freak 'Mech accident. He promptly retired, turning command over to Major Harold Jones, who was formally promoted to take his place.[15][16] Marik reinforcements would force the Dragoons to pull off Wallacia, however, and the world fell to the League.[14]

On Scarborough, the Dragoons again were set against a Marik invasion force. This time, the FWLM - in the form of the crack Fusiliers of Oriente - pinned down the elite mercenaries, putting them on the defensive and keeping their units isolated.[17] Colonel Jones rallied Epsilon Regiment, linking up with Delta and giving the Dragoons some semblance of a workable defensive position.[18] Ultimately, the Dragoons were forced to abandon Scarborough, but they had stalled the offensive and inflicted serious losses on the Marik forces.[19]

On Shiro III in 3012, the Dragoons and their Liao allies finally halted the FWLM forces. Colonel Jones soon distinguished himself with his tactical brilliance and daring.[20]

In May 3013, the Dragoons were visited at their base on Carver V by Duchess Candace Liao, the daughter of Chancellor Maximilian Liao. The Duchess was plotting to turn the Dragoons into her own personal guard. Completely failing to seduce Colonel Wolf, she turned her attentions to the young Colonel Harold Jones, with the plan that Jones would supplant Wolf as commander of the Dragoons. Though he played along with her for several weeks, Jones ultimately rejected the Duchess, and told her she should return to Sian.[21]

Marik Civil War[edit]

In early 3014, Maximilian Liao struck a deal with Duke Anton Marik, brother of Captain-General Janos Marik, to support Anton's bid for his brother's throne. As part of this agreement, Liao allowed the Dragoons to sign a contract with Anton Marik. The Dragoons entered League space, using Campertown as a jump-off point. On May 22, 3014, Duke Anton made his claim, declaring himself Captain-General and triggering the Marik Civil War.[22][23] Epsilon was held in reserve the first few months of the conflict, garrisoning the Duke's stronghold on New Delos.[24]

Epsilon was called into action when they struck Sophie's World alongside Delta Regiment, reinforced by Duke Anton's Third Marik Militia.[25][26] At this point, the Captain-General and his loyalists had realized that the Dragoons were the lynchpin in the rebellion, so they prepared well, deploying three commands in defense. The First Atrean Dragoons, Sixth Marik Militia and the mercenary Head Hunters battalion, supported by three conventional regiments, were ready to give the rebels a tough fight. Although he knew this force could not hold against his brother's troops, the Captain-General realized that he needed to buy himself time to fully mobilize enough regiments to crush the rebellion.[27][28] This tactic proved successful as the loyalists produced a series of hit-and-run attacks, luring small elements of rebels into ambushes by the waiting heavy 'Mechs of the First Atrean Dragoons.[29] Realizing their timetable was falling behind, Wolf arrived with Alpha Regiment to join the rebel forces. Alpha and Delta Regiment caught the First Atrean, completely destroying the loyalist unit. The remaining loyalist forces quickly retreated off-world.[30][31] Overall casualties to Epsilon Regiment were light during the fighting on Sophie's World.[32]

Later in 3014, Epsilon landed on Asellus Australis, where they quickly secured the world for Duke Anton while facing no significant resistance.[32][33] In December 3014, Epsilon Regiment travelled to Fuentes, where the Fifth Regulan Hussars and the Seventh Ducal Guard were under heavy assault by the loyalist mercenary Smithson's Chinese Bandits. The Bandits withdrew before Epsilon could engage, effectively saving the two rebel units.[32][34] In February 3015, the Second Fusiliers of Oriente raided Emris IV, but were quickly driven off with heavy losses inflicted by Epsilon and Delta Regiments along with the Fifth Ducal Guard.[35][36] Afterwards, they briefly traveled back to New Delos before rotating to Second Chance.[37] In the aftermath of the murders of Joshua Wolf and 27 other Dragoon dependents on New Delos, Epsilon Regiment remained on Second Chance along with the Support Battalion, and the Special Recon Group, protecting the remainder of the Dragoon civilians while the rest of the command traveled to New Delos to exact revenge on Anton Marik.[38][39][40]

In service to Marik[edit]

Afterwards, Wolf's Dragoons signed a new contract with the Free Worlds League, joining forces with those against whom they had fought just weeks before. They soon relocated their headquarters to Sterling. What followed became known as their "cattle raiding" period, as the Dragoons kept their edge with minor strikes into the Lyran Commonwealth.[41] There is little detail of Epsilon's activities during this time.

The Thirteenth Battle of Hesperus[edit]

At the dawn of 3019, the Dragoons would begin the boldest campaign of their history up to that point: the attempted conquest of Hesperus II, home of Defiance Industries, the largest BattleMech factory in the Inner Sphere. During the Succession Wars, Defiance Industries had held out successfully against twelve major campaigns to take or destroy the Hesperus factory complexes, which had become the foundation for a large part of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces military industry since the fall of the Star League. In a series of raids, the Dragoons made their way through Lyran space, keeping House Steiner off guard with their seeming odd choice of targets.[42] Most of the preliminary raids went well for the Dragoons, throwing the LCAF forces off. Unfortunately for the Dragoons, a spy in the Marik court had revealed the Dragoons ultimate target to the Lyrans.[43]

During the initial attack on Hesperus, Delta and Epsilon Regiments were kept in orbit as a reserve force while the other commands established a beachhead.[44][45] The Dragoons soon discovered the Lyrans had dramatically reinforced their garrison with some of their finest regiments. Epsilon was soon called down, joining Zeta Battalion and pushing through the mountains towards the Defiance factories.[46] The Dragoon advance came to a standstill at the Erewhon River, which was heavily defended by the Lyran forces. The first crossing of Alpha and Gamma Regiments supported by Zeta Battalion and a battalion of Epsilon on 22 June ultimately resulted in failure. When Gamma was driven back from their potential beachhead, the Epsilon escort withdrew from the river without coming up from the other side.[47][48][49][50]

The following day, it was Epsilon's turn to lead the crossing. Colonel Jones had thoroughly questioned the officers from the previous day's operation, including Captain Lucas Kenner of Alpha Regiment, and came up with a plan.[47][51] Epsilon Regiment came under heavy attack from Lyran conventional fighters, who sparred with the pilots of the Dragoons' own Orbital Operations Group. Several Steiner pilots were able to drop their depth charges, killing Colonel Jones and halting Epsilon's advance. Major Baxter Arbuthnot was placed in command of the regiment, and was later promoted to full Colonel.[52][53][54][55] During a later advance across the river, elements of Epsilon briefly held a scrap of land on the Lyran side before overwhelming pressure from the defenders forced them to withdraw.[56]

The campaign had not gone well for the Dragoons, as their every drive towards the factories was inevitably driven back by the determined Lyran defenders. It was Natasha Kerensky, the Black Widow, who proposed a solution, using a narrow passage through the mountains called Tanda's Crossing that was defended only by a single 'Mech lance to reach the factories.[57] Her Black Widow Company would form the tip of the Dragoon spear, with Delta and Epsilon Regiments following up. The beginning of the operation went well, as Delta and Epsilon drove a massive breach into the Lyran lines.[58][59] The Lyran commander realized the danger to the factories, and dispatched Hansen's Roughriders to stop the Dragoons. The Black Widow Company came into range of the Defiance Industries plant when they were attacked by the defending Roughriders. Badly outnumbered, the Widows were forced to retreat and not even the arrival of Delta and Epsilon could not dislodge the Roughriders. Within a few hours the Lyran lines had stabilized. Out of supplies and with half his 'Mechs out of action, Wolf ordered a retreat, and the Dragoons were forced to return to Marik space.[60]

After the battle, the Dragoons needed time to recover. A second secret supply run to the Homeworlds was followed by a recruitment drive among Inner Sphere soldiers.[61]

In service to Steiner[edit]

In the Spring of 3020, the Dragoons signed on with House Steiner. Their largest operation under the Commonwealth would come almost a year and half later. House Kurita had been moving troops to the key border world of Dromini VI, preparing for a renewed assault on the Commonwealth. Archon Katrina Steiner decided a preemptive strike was called for, and in September 3021, Alpha, Delta and Epsilon Regiments, along with three regiments of the Donegal Guards acting as a reserve, assaulted Dromini, finding it defended by the Third and Twenty-second Dieron Regulars and the elite Second Sword of Light. Despite higher-than-expected losses to Delta Regiment and a close call for Colonel Wolf, Dromini was a successful operation.[62]

In service to Kurita[edit]

The Dragoons left House Steiner's service in early 3023, signing on with House Kurita. Tensions had been rising between Coordinator Takashi Kurita's Draconis Combine and First Prince Hanse Davion's Federated Suns, and the Dragoons would soon find themselves in the middle of it.[63]

Epsilon Regiment and the Black Widow Company jumped immediately into action on Hoff, where they joined the Seventeenth Galedon Regulars in an objective raid in April. The Federated Suns had established a research facility from the New Avalon Institute of Science at the Friden AeroSpace Park, conducting experiments into advanced heat sink technology. The planet was well defended by the 151st Light Horse Regiment and the Seventh Battalion from the Twenty-first Striker Regiment, elements of the elite Eridani Light Horse brigade; the Eridani Light Horse were also supported by elements of the Draconis March Militia. Colonel Arbuthnot had overall command of the operation.[64] After various small-unit probing actions, the Dragoons slowly began to push the Light Horse back. On 1 May, the Dragoons and the Galedon Regulars began their assault on the Davion positions near Flint in the Brand Valley. Unfortunately, the Galedon commander suddenly abandoned Arbuthnot's plan when he decided to charge the Light Horse at first light, throwing the battle lines into chaos. This gave the Light Horse the opportunity they needed to send a whole battalion into the gap, flanking the Dragoons and forcing them to pull back. The Davion mercenaries inflicted heavy losses on Epsilon Regiment before Baker Battalion, called Jarrett's Lancers, stabilized the lines.[65] The Light Horse and DMM forces attempted to capitalize on this with an attack on Dragoon positions in the Alonzo Mine region, but determined resistance by the Black Widows with fresh reserves from Epsilon drove them back, swinging momentum back to the Dragoons. After a 36-hour battle in Brand Valley, the Dragoons finally prevailed when the Black Widows burst through the Eridani Light Horse lines and reached the Aerospace Park, only to discover that the scientists had already evacuated the facility, along with most of their research. The Dragoons ultimately withdrew from Hoff with only some research files as spoils. Nevertheless, the Coordinator was pleased that the NAIS would have to set up a new research facility on another world.[66]

As of November 3024, Epsilon was based on Thestria.[67][68] Around that time, elements of Epsilon raided the planet Courasin, once again fighting alongside the Black Widow Company. There they were opposed by elements of the Third Davion Guards and Lindon's Company.[69][70]

Not long thereafter on 12 November, Galedon Military District Warlord Grieg Samsonov arrived on An Ting to inspect the Dragoons. During a meeting with Colonel Wolf and his top officers, Samsonov attempted to portray Epsilon's actions on Courasin in a negative light, claiming they were proof of "Dragoon incompetence" and using this to justify demands that the Dragoons be placed under his direct command in circumvention of their contract. Colonel Wolf predictably and successfully rebuffed these efforts.[71]

In early 3025, House Davion's First Chisholm's Raiders raided Thestria, striking multiple targets with incredible pinpoint accuracy as they isolated Epsilon's Able Battalion. The Raiders, preventing the Dragoons from reinforcing each other, destroyed several command facilities and raided the Dragoons' supply depots. The Raiders were only barely foiled in their efforts to capture much of Epsilon's command and control staff as they spent a week pursuing Battle Wagon Deuce, Epsilon's Mobile HQ and the lynchpin of Epsilon's defense. Although Epsilon took serious losses during the raid, with the assistance of the Dragoons' Support Battalion the regiment was eventually successful in pressuring the Raiders to withdraw. In the aftermath of the raid Colonel Arbuthnot complained that the Raiders' attack was too precise for the AFFS forces not to have exact information on their deployment and defenses.[72][73] It is implied, though never explicitly stated, that this information may have been leaked to House Davion by agents of Warlord Samsonov.[citation needed]

In August 3026, Colonel Arbuthnot was on An Ting when he and other Dragoon officers confronted Wolf regarding further difficulties with House Kurita, most notably supply difficulties and general harassment.[74]

In May 3027, Epsilon Regiment was again joined by the Black Widows in an operation on Benet III. The Dragoons were supposed to be accompanied by a DCMS contingent, but when they failed to materialize, Colonel Arbuthnot quickly considered retreating off-planet. The Dragoons were forced to work with the infamous Bounty Hunter to withdraw.[75][76]

At some unclear point, Epsilon Regiment took part in putting down a rebellion on Kawabe, an effort apparently led by Able Battalion.[77][78] During another confrontation between Wolf, Samsonov and the Coordinator in August 3027, Samsonov claimed that Epsilon had instigated the suppression on Kawabe, calling Arbuthnot a butcher and demanding his arrest and execution. The Coordinator denied this.[79]

In late December 3027, Colonel Arbuthnot traveled to An Ting to meet with Colonel Wolf regarding the continued difficulties with the Combine.[80] Arbuthnot and some elements of Epsilon were still on An Ting in January 3028, when the conflict between the Dragoons and House Kurita erupted into open conflict. Ryuken-ichi and "partisans" supported by Warlord Samsonov moved against the Dragoons and their civilian dependants, and were ultimately defeated.[81]


Main article: Battle of Misery
“Lads, we’re going out there and pound those Snakes right back into the ground. We’re going to show them how real jocks fight, and what happens when they threaten our loved ones. We’re going to show them the price of stiffing us for supplies, for framing us for atrocities. We’re going to show them — show the whole damn Sphere! — what happens when you cross the Dragoons.”
  — Colonel Baxter Arbuthnot, before the Battle of Misery


In April 3028, Epsilon Regiment joined the rest of the Dragoon units on Misery. All five Dragoon frontline regiments, along with Zeta Battalion and the Black Widow Company, would face off against the Ryuken, now consisting of four regiments trained in the Dragoon philosophy, along with the Seventeenth Galedon Regulars, the Twenty-first Galedon Regulars, and the elite Eighth Sword of Light, all commanded by newly promoted Tai-sho Minobu Tetsuhara, who knew the Dragoons and Jaime Wolf better than anyone outside the mercenary command.[83][84] The Battle of Misery proved to be one of the largest, most bloody 'Mech battles in history, with neither side giving any quarter.[85] To buy their dependents enough time to escape, the Dragoons abandoned their original objective and attempted to defeat the Kuritan force despite being outnumbered by better than fifty percent.[86]

On 8 May, a week into the campaign, Epsilon's Charlie Battalion made a long-range strike against a Ryuken base used for repair and resupply 100 km north of Laerdal. They were ambushed by a reinforced battalion of the Eighth Sword of Light, with both sides engaging the other in a fight to the death. The Kuritan force was thoroughly destroyed, but the Dragoons had taken 70 percent casualties.[87]

On 20 May, the climax of the battle came when Epsilon Regiment assaulted fortified Ryuken positions in the Trolfjel Highlands. Once again, heavy casualties were taken, but the Dragoons finally prevailed when Captain Trenton McGarvey's company broke through the Kuritan lines, though with heavy casualties, including McGarvey. The effort gave the Dragoons the position they needed to bring the battle to a conclusion.[88][89]

The Dragoons had taken over 50 percent casualties during the campaign, but left the field of battle with their honor intact.[citation needed]

The Fourth Succession War[edit]

Main article: Fourth Succession War

After Misery, Epsilon Regiment was reorganized into four BattleMech companies with a regimental command lance.[90][91][92][93] Their conventional and Aerospace Fighter forces were transferred to the Home Guard, protecting the Dragoon dependents on Robinson. Although most of their internal formations, down to the lance level, had relatively little experience together, the shared Dragoon doctrine and esprit de corps allowed them to acclimate relatively quickly.[94] Epsilon Regiment began regarding each Dragoon and their BattleMech as sacred, and took great lengths to preserve their remaining strength.[95] Epsilon's four provisional companies and regimental command lance totaled 52 'Mechs and pilots.[96] Both Gamma and Epsilon Regiments were assigned to garrison Harrow's Sun on the Federated Suns' border with the Combine.[97]

Harrow's Sun[edit]

On 12 September 3028, the Eighth Galedon Regulars landed near Trenton on the New Castle continent, a small farming community approximately 300 km south of Fort Belvoir where the Dragoons were based. Frustrated, the Kuritan 'Mechs decided to lure the Dragoons out of their defensive positions and they began ruthlessly killing the local civilians of Trenton to draw the Dragoons out. Horrified, the Dragoons sent two companies of Gamma Regiment to intervene.[98][99] On 28 September, the Kuritans pursued the two companies to Yustis Pass, where the Galedon Regulars' Bravo Battalion was ambushed by the heavy command companies commanded by Colonels Korsht and Colonel Arbuthnot, using the natural defensive positions offered by the pass to pound the Regulars' flanks. With the rest of the Regulars closing in, the Regulars soon brought their overwhelming numbers to bear on their ambushers. Despite some losses, the Dragoons considered the operation a success. The clash at Yustis Pass was the climax of the first phase of the campaign.[100][101][102][103]

Despite the encounter at Yustis Pass and other skirmishes, the Eighth Regulars had reached the outskirts of Fort Belvoir by the end of September. The Dragoons had spent months preparing the fort's defenses, with minefields, artillery, defensive turrets and fortress walls around the fort itself. The Dragoons had arranged for multiple lines of defense, with gun emplacements manned by Dragoon infantrymen and mines making up the core of the first line.[104][105][106][107][108][109] It took the Regulars nearly a month to push through these first defenses, costing them time and several 'Mechs.[110] The Dragoons fell back to their second line of defense, approximately one kilometer from the Fort's walls, which included not only more minefields and gun emplacements, but foxholes and ditches large enough to provide cover for a 'Mech.[111] The Regulars surrounded the Fort in late October, forcing the outnumbered Dragoons to stretch their defenses to account for an attack from any direction, leaving little left as a reserve force to meet a major push.[112]

On 11 December, the Kuritan forces made their first major push when elements of the Eighth Galedon Regulars' First Battalion attempted to break through the Dragoons' lines, directing a push at Captain Elizabeth Nichole's Fourth Provisional Company on the outskirts of Belvoir. AFFS infantry successfully used inferno rockets to destroy two approaching 'Mechs and damaged others. Although still outnumbered, Nichole skillfully used the layered defenses, gun emplacements, militia tanks, artillery fire and mines to successfully repel the attack, destroying five enemy 'Mechs for the loss of three of her own 'Mechs.[113][114] Over the course of several weeks, Nichole and her company continued to keep the approaching Kuritans off balance with attacks and feints, and they were credited with giving the other Dragoons time to prepare a defense.[115][116]

General Nicholas, realizing he needed a new strategy, now looked to his combat engineers, commanding them to begin digging tunnels beneath the Dragoon lines, penetrating into the Fort itself. In late January, these troops breached the defenses of the fort, and quickly overwhelmed the defending AFFS militia units. When the Dragoons turned their attention on Fort Belvoir, the Regulars renewed their attack on the lines. The Dragoons were unable to eliminate the enemy infantry, hold off the Galedon Regulars and establish a new defensive perimeter at the same time. During two days of near-constant fighting, the defenders were driven back into the fort.[117][118][119]

On or around 26 July, Colonel Arbuthnot's command lance was ambushed while they were moving between the lines. Arbuthnot was killed, becoming the first Dragoon Colonel to be lost in their feud with House Kurita.[120][121][122][123] In the end, all of Epsilon's top officers were killed; Major Hussein Tajdar was cut off from his troops and killed, whilst Major Richard Jarrett - commanding the Second Provisional Company at the time - was also slain.[121][124] The Dragoons continued to give ground until they held only the spaceport, at which point they were completely surrounded.[125] Fortunately, their DropShips had landed at the port during the lull in the fighting, and when the Kuritans attempted to finish off the mercenaries, the ship's guns drove off the Regulars.[126] On 27 July 3029, just under a year after the battle had begun, the Dragoons retreated off Harrow's Sun, leaving the planet to the Galedon Regulars and House Kurita.[127][128][129][130] Epsilon Regiment's losses on Harrow's Sun were devastating. 32 of their 52 MechWarriors were killed, including all the surviving senior officers. Seven more pilots were injured. Of the 'Mechs, 34 were considered destroyed, only two of which could be recovered for salvage. Six more 'Mechs were seriously damaged before they were evacuated.[96] With all of Epsilon's senior officers killed,[121] Captain Nichole was effectively left as Epsilon's ranking surviving officer.[131] The surviving members of both regiments retreated to Crossing, where they rejoined the rest of the Dragoons.


On Crossing the combined Dragoons forces - now reduced to a single regiment - faced four full regiments of Galedon Regulars plus an elite Draconis Elite Strike Team 'Mech company designated as the "Sword of the Void". With the assistance of the Tenth Deneb Light Cavalry, who had fought besides Alpha Regiment on Glenmora, and a last-minute rescue by Zeta Battalion, the Dragoons ultimately prevailed at great cost in men and machines.[132][133] Of the nineteen Epsilon MechWarriors who had begun the battle on Crossing, three were killed, seven more were injured - two with career-ending injuries - and two others losing their 'Mechs to damage.[134] The Dragoons had survived Takashi Kurita's wrath, their honor and reputation intact.


After the horrors of Misery and the Fourth Succession War, the Dragoons retreated to their new homeworld of Outreach, which had been gifted to them by House Davion for their service. All of the Dragoons frontline units were effectively inactive this point, with the entire command barely able to field a regiment of BattleMechs. Epsilon Regiment, arguably the hardest hit of the Dragoon regiments, had effectively been destroyed.[135] When Natasha Kerensky formed her Black Widow Battalion in 3031, four former Epsilon MechWarriors and two Aerospace pilots joined her expanded command.[136]

Several years later, Epsilon, having rebuilt itself into a provisional force, joined most of the Dragoons on Caph during the War of 3039 while Beta Regiment protected their dependants back on Outreach. The Dragoons and their Davion allies were opposed by Ryuken-ni and Ryuken-san, raising the specter of Misery from ten years earlier for many veterans. The result was anticlimactic, as the outnumbered Ryuken regiments escaped after taking significant damage. Epsilon took moderate losses in the fighting.[137][138]

It was not until 3042 that Epsilon was returned to the field as a full-strength regiment able to hold itself up to Dragoon standards. In 3046 Elizabeth Nichole was promoted and given command of Epsilon, having won fame on Harrow's Sun as well as surviving the battles on Crossing. Under her leadership Epsilon became known as "the Harrowers" and soon reclaimed their place as one of the finest mercenary regiments in the Inner Sphere.[139][140]

The Clan Invasion[edit]

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In 3050, the long-awaited Clan Invasion finally struck the Inner Sphere. Epsilon Regiment was stationed in the Duchy of Andurien at the time, apparently under contract to House Marik. Colonel Wolf activated the void clause in Epsilon's contract and called them home to Outreach.[141] There the Dragoons internally discussed the invasion, informing their Inner Sphere adoptees of their origins and preparing to fight the Clans. During the Year of Peace, Epsilon Regiment, along with the rest of the Dragoons, was quickly upgraded with Star League-era technology. At this time, a breakdown of Epsilon showed that it consisted of two elite battalions and one veteran battalion.[142] At the Battle of Luthien in 3052, Epsilon Regiment demonstrated its quality, helping to stop Clan Nova Cat cold and saving the capital of those who had been their foremost enemies.[143]

With the resources of Outreach behind them, the Dragoons were able to return their line regiments to the field in record time. Sometime in 3053 Epsilon Regiment was based on Relevow in the Capellan Confederation under contract to House Liao; when Alpha Regiment was scheduled to raid nearby Brighton in the St. Ives Compact, Epsilon Regiment was kept at the ready in case First Team found itself in trouble.[144]

Dragoon Civil War[edit]

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In the aftermath of the battle of Luthien the Dragoons found themselves struggling to accommodate their many new members, taken from a range of different groups and cultures. The original Dragoons had all shared a common origin and purpose, with established traditions and protocols. Many of the new Dragoons felt they were disenfranchised either by nepotism or by what they perceived as favoritism towards the younger generations being produced by Dragoon sibkos. These tensions soon began to bleed out, and Elson Novacat, a bondsman Elemental taken on Luthien, would take advantage, using Colonel Wolf's grandson, the naïve Alpin Wolf, as a proxy.[145][146]

When the Dragoons' Council met to appoint a new second-in-command to replace MacKenzie Wolf, who had been killed by bandits encountered during a resupply run to the Dragoons' Bristol cache, Colonel Nichole and much of her command staff were suspiciously left bedridden due to an apparent case of food poisoning. This left Elson, the commander of Epsilon's Elemental forces at that time, to represent Epsilon in the Council. Elson used this opportunity to challenge Jaime Wolf for command of the Dragoons, acting on behalf of Alpin.[147] Elson ultimately won the challenge, setting the stage for the Dragoon Civil War, where Jaime Wolf and his partisans fought a Trial of Refusal against the "loyalists" commanded by Alpin Wolf and Elson Novacat. Despite her suspicions over the tactics employed by Elson and Alpin, a slim majority of her warriors supported the grandson, so Nichole publicly endorsed Alpin.[148][149] Approximately half of Epsilon Regiment was on-planet at the start of the conflict, with many on both sides suspecting that Colonel Nichole - and the rest of the regiment - had divided loyalties.[150][151] Elson himself noted that many in Epsilon were angered by the death of Major Patrick Chan and the sudden use of the Khan and saKhan titles, a sentiment common to many of the other "loyalist" Dragoons.[151] Colonel Nichole, who must have been privately angry or at least suspicious about her case of food poisoning, made no secret of her discomfort in bringing military forces against Colonel Wolf.[152]

When the Loyalists made their landings in the Outback, Epsilon Regiment was designated to Blue Sector. Every time they advanced, they were quickly met by Battlegroup H, a unit composed predominantly from Kuritan recruits who had pledged themselves to Colonel Wolf. In the face of heavy resistance from the Wolf Pack rebels, Nichole repeatedly ordered her troops to pull back, despite holding a major advantage in numbers. Colonel Wolf speculated that Nichole's spirit was not in the battle, and that she was conducting the campaign using the same defensive maneuvers she had used on Harrow's Sun decades before.[153][154] When the fighting neared its peak, Nichole briefly pushed forward with two of her battalions.[155] When the Kuritans blunted her advance, she quickly pulled back to her launch area and ceased all further incursions, claiming that Colonel Wolf had received the Loyalist plans - a claim which would later prove to be true.[156] Regardless of how she presented it, Nichole had used the same move-and-feint tactics that had helped her company survive on Harrow's Sun decades earlier;[157] although frustrated by her inaction, Elson was not overly concerned with Nichole's actions as Epsilon's mere presence was tying down a significant portion of Wolf's forces, and that was sufficient for his plans.[158] At the climax of the battle, Wolf, who had recognized what Nichole was doing, redeployed the Kuritans from Blue Sector as they accompanied his main force in an assault on Beta Regiment. It was noted by Brian Cameron - and no doubt by Wolf himself - that had Nichole attacked at that time, the rebels would have been destroyed.[159][160] This allowed him to win a decisive engagement against Beta Regiment, and ultimately to win the conflict. After the Civil War Nichole was quickly confirmed by Wolf as part of the Dragoons' restored Command Council.[161] Epsilon Regiment had survived the Dragoon Civil War relatively unscathed, although the regiment had taken some losses.[140][162][163]

Wolf Pack[edit]

Like the rest of the Dragoons Epsilon continued to receive OmniMechs and various other Clan technology upgrades being produced by Blackwell Heavy Industries. In June 3058, during the Jade Falcon Incursion, Epsilon Regiment joined Alpha and Beta Regiments with General Maeve Wolf under contract to the Lyran Alliance as a part of Victor Steiner-Davion's international relief force deployed to Coventry. The three Dragoon regiments had been held in reserve on Tharkad during the Battle of Coventry, while Delta and Gamma Regiments had fought the Falcons.[164][165] The campaign ended with the Inner Sphere forces offering the Falcons hegira, and Epsilon saw no action. As of 1 October, 3059, Epsilon Regiment was at full strength and listed as uncontracted on Outreach.[166] When the FedCom Civil War broke out, Epsilon was under contract to the Federated Commonwealth, garrisoning the world of Kesai IV in the Draconis March and engaged in cadre training. They promptly informed Duke James Sandoval of Robinson that they would take no part in his unilateral offensive against House Kurita.[167]

In October 3064 Epsilon was returning to Outreach following the end of their contract when an Invader-class JumpShip accident resulted in the loss of three DropShips, the Fortress-class Otsu along with the Union-class Hebrides and Sunniva, which had been transporting Epsilon's support units and most of Charlie Battalion. Nichole once again began the slow process of bringing Epsilon back up to strength, tapping Captain Erik Johnson to command the new Charlie Battalion. Johnson filled out his command with transfers from the Home Guard and training command. By 3067 Epsilon's 'Mech forces were at full strength for a standard 'Mech regiment, but according to General Mave Wolf's new doctrine, which championed the integration of a regiment each of armor, infantry and aerospace support into each 'Mech regiment, Epsilon were still understrength and awaiting the assignment of these support units.[168][169][170] Epsilon spent the next several years recovering its strength on Outreach, both in terms of quantity and quality.

As of 1 October, 3067, Epsilon Regiment was stationed on Outreach and back to full strength under the Dragoon deployment doctrine. Their equipment was considered 100 percent upgraded with Clan technology, and a third of their BattleMechs were OmniMechs.[171]

First Harlech and Destruction[edit]

Main article: First Harlech

Epsilon was on Outreach on 15 October 3067 when a large force of Word of Blake-backed rogue mercenaries led by Wayne Waco launched a massive surprise attack against the Dragoons and the civilian population in the capital city of Harlech. The initial attack caught the bulk of Epsilon mobilizing on the practice grounds. First Harlech proved to be the most devastating event for the Dragoons since Misery, as Beta and the remaining elements of Epsilon Regiments were called in from Remus to support the surviving Home Guard units, as well as Zeta and the Wolf Spider Battalion, all under the command of Jaime Wolf himself. Although the Dragoons ultimately eliminated the rogue mercenaries, casualties were extremely high as Commander Wolf, heart and soul of the Dragoons, was killed in the fighting. Most of Epsilon Regiment and the Home Guard ground forces were wiped out; the survivors from Epsilon were subsequently folded into Beta Regiment.[172][173][174][175][176][177]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Epsilon Regiment
Colonel Dana McGuire 3005 - 3011[3]
Colonel Harold Jones 3011 - 3019[178]
Colonel Baxter Arbuthnot At least 3025 - 3028[179][123][180]
Colonel Elizabeth Nichole 3046 - 3067[181][139][140]


Under Colonel Nichole, Epsilon Regiment became truly formidable at defensive tactics, using feints, ambushes and natural and artificial terrain to wear down an opponent until they made a mistake.[182] Able Battalion specialized in combined arms tactics, while Baker Battalion was defined by its discipline and Charlie Battalion by its boldness. Nichole kept her Elementals in reserve, using them for reconnaissance before luring enemies into ambushes by the feared battle armor.[183] After the loss of Major Dwayne Loveday and his Charlie Battalion, Epsilon once again refined its tactical doctrine. Able Battalion specialized in maneuvering with other units, while Baker was composed entirely of jump-capable 'Mechs, able to quickly counterattack. The rebuilt Charlie Battalion was composed of heavy and assault machines, pinning an enemy in place while the rest of the unit moved in for the kill.[184]

Composition History[edit]

Epsilon Regiment before and after Misery


Epsilon Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[179]

  • CO: Colonel Baxter Arbuthnot[179]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Thestria. [179]


Wolf's Dragoons Epsilon Regiment (3 Battalions)[185]

  • CO: Colonel Baxter Arbuthnot
  • Command Company (2 BattleMech lances, 1 infantry platoon, 2 artillery platoons)
  • Able Battalion
  • Baker Battalion ("Jarrett's Lancers")
    • CO: Richard Jarrett
  • Charlie Battalion ("Hussein's Hussars")
    • CO: Major Hussein Tajdar

In addition to their BattleMech forces, Epsilon Regiment included several attached aerospace, infantry and armor units, usually integrated at the company level. These included two Aerospace fighter lances, three infantry platoons, six combat vehicle platoons (composed of five machines each), two Artillery platoons and one short lance of rare Land Air 'Mechs. Both artillery platoons and one infantry platoon were attached to the regimental command company. After the fighting on Misery, Epsilon was reorganized into four provisional companies. Most of the Aerospace and conventional forces were transferred to the Home Guard to help protect the Dragoon dependents while the LAMs had been wiped out on Misery.[185] Two Overlord-class DropShips (Hawken and Ise) were permanently assigned to Epsilon at this point, along with the Fortress-class Otsu and three Union-class DropShips (including Mt. Suribachi).[186]


Epsilon Provisional (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[187]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Outreach.[187]


Epsilon Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[188]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach. [188]


Wolf's Dragoons Epsilon Regiment (1 Command Company, 3 'Mech Battalions, 1 Elemental Battalion, 1 Armored Battalion)[189]

CO: Colonel Elizabeth Nichole
  • Command Company (1 BattleMech Trinary)
  • 1st BattleMech Battalion (1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
  • 2nd BattleMech Battalion (1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
  • 3rd BattleMech Battalion (1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
  • Elemental Battalion (1 Command Elemental Point, 3 Elemental Stars)
  • Armor Battalion (1 Armor Command Lance, 3 Armor Companies)
The Sunniva, the Hebrides and the Otsu were all permanently attached to Epsilon as of 3055.


The Lancers - Epsilon's Baker Battalion

Wolf's Dragoons Epsilon Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[190]

CO: Colonel Elizabeth Nichole
Aide: Major Samuel Woo
  • Command Company (Strengthened Mixed Company; one 'Mech lance, two 'Mech Stars, one fighter lance, one Elemental Point, one vehicle recon lance)
  • Able Battalion ("The Conquistadors", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Donald Larrios
  • Baker Battalion ("Jean's Lancers", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Jean McCluen
  • Charlie Battalion ("Dwayne's Hussars", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Dwayne Loveday

Easy Money (Reinforced Armor Battalion)

CO: Major Simon Klause

Talbot's Smashers (Reinforced Elemental Battalion)

CO: Major Jerome Talbot
At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[191]


Wolf's Dragoons Epsilon Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[192]

CO: Colonel Elizabeth Nichole
Aide: Major Samuel Woo
  • Command Company (Reinforced Mixed Company; one 'Mech lance, two 'Mech Stars)
  • Able Battalion ("The Conquistadors", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Donald Larrios
  • Baker Battalion ("Jean's Lancers", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Jean McCluen
  • Charlie Battalion ("Erik's Norsemen", 1 Command Lance, 3 BattleMech Companies)
CO: Major Erik Johnson

Insignia and Color Scheme[edit]

Epsilon Regiment

Epsilon Regiment used a solid tan paint scheme on their 'Mechs and combat vehicles, with the Greek E displayed on the lower right torso of their machines. Their Dragoon insignias were painted on the right shoulder, with command and battalion insignias on the upper legs. Elementals used dun and brown camouflage with a wolf's head helmet mask complete with yellow wolf's eyes.[193]


  • There is a contradiction in the text of the Wolf's Dragoons (sourcebook) as to when Harold Jones took over command of Epsilon from Dana McGuire. It is strongly implied in the historical narrative that the fighting on Wallacia and therefore the transfer took place in 3011.[14] Later in the "Epsilon Regiment Personalities" section, it is clearly stated that McGuire's injury and Jones' ascension took place in 3010.[15][16]
  • The planet Courasin, where Epsilon fought in November 3024, is referenced in several works, including the novel Wolves on the Border,[69][71] and Tales of the Black Widow Company.[70] However, Courasin does not appear on any published map of the Inner Sphere. It is possible that it is a "secondary" planet in another system, presumably one that was on the Davion/Kurita border at the time.
  • It is not explicitly stated in Historical Turning Points: Misery that the battalion ambushed by the Eighth Sword was Charlie Battalion.[87] But an analysis of Epsilon's post-Misery losses makes it clear that the engagement almost certainly referred to Charlie Battalion.[90]
  • Based on the date of the introductory story in Operational Turning Points: Death to Mercenaries, the death of Colonel Arbuthnot was on or just prior to 26 July 3028.[194] This date, however, would have taken place nearly two months before the Galedon Regulars even landed on Harrow's Sun.[99][195][196] As of this writing, the developers have not weighed in on this discrepancy. Question posted regarding date of Arbuthnot's death
  • It is unclear who commanded Epsilon Regiment between its reactivation and Elizabeth Nichole taking on the role in 3046.
  • In a brief mention in the novel Wolf Pack, it is stated that only half of Epsilon Regiment was on Outreach at the start of Elson's Challenge.[150] There is no further mention of this either from that novel or any other source, and it's unclear where the rest of Epsilon Regiment was at the time.
  • In a clear typographical error, Dane McGuire, Epsilon's original commander, was listed as the regiment's commanding officer in 3067 in Field Manual Updates.[197] McGuire, of course, had left active service decades earlier. Field Manual: Mercenaries, Revised makes it clear that Elizabeth Nichole was in command at the time.[192]
  • In either an editorial error or an in-universe mistake, a Clan Wolf-in-Exile Watch report in February 3068 indicated survivors of Epsilon Regiment and other units still active on Romulus.[198] Plainly, this refers to the survivors of Gamma Regiment, based on multiple sources.

Game Notes[edit]


Entering the Battle of Misery, opposing players may not make Pointblank Shots against Epsilon using Hidden Unit rules.[199] After Misery, Epsilon's acute study of terrain meant that When any Epsilon BattleMech received a terrain-related to-hit modifier against it, the player would roll 1D6. On a result of 3-6, the terrain modifier was increased by one.[200]

3052 through 3067[edit]

As of 3059, Epsilon Regiment units may use off-map movement. Any negative initiative modifiers assigned to Epsilon's opponents are further reduced by one. Epsilon suffers a -2 initiative penalty if their designated commander's 'Mech is destroyed. Able Battalion forces receive a +1 to their initiative when working with combined-arms forces.[201] This remained the case through 3067.[202]


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