Era Digest: Dark Age

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Era Digest: Dark Age
Product information
Type Sourcebook (PDF)
Development Herbert A. Beas II
Primary writing Patrick Wynne
Pages 51
Cover Artwork Klaus Scherwinski
Illustrations David White
Øystein Tvedten (Maps)
Ray Arrastia (Logos)
Vic Bonilla (Logos)
Jason Vargas (Logos)
Johannes Heidler (Record Sheets)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT 35ED003
First published 2014
MSRP $9.95
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 3128 - 3134
Series Era Digest
Preceded by Era Digest: Age of War


Era Digest: Dark Age is a third in a series PDF-Exclusive mini-sourcebooks produced by Catalyst Game Labs. The sourcebook covers the time period in the Dark Age, which covers the initial HPG Black Out of Gray Monday up to 3134. The e-book accounts for historical events that occurred during this time period, provides A Time of War components and lists Splinter groups that were active during the Black Out period which led to the Republic of the Sphere's collapse. The e-book includes combat units utilized by the major splinter groups during this time period. Also included new combat units not introduced in the Technical Readout: 3145 PDF series, but were featured in the older WizKids Collectable Miniature Game.

The various topics/events listed below are covered cleanly with a few paragraphs each.

Product Description[edit]


1 August 3132. On that day, eighty percent of the hyperpulse generators throughout the Inner Sphere fell silent and humanity’s communications link across the stars was severed. While many looked to the Republic of the Sphere for guidance through the darkness, others used the crisis to advance their own agendas and political ideologies. As a new era began, old hatreds and rivalries, long suppressed in the optimism of Stone’s Peace, threatened to overwhelm all that had been achieved in the new century.

A Dark Age had fallen, one that would see the death of empires and the rise of tyrants. And the seeds of destruction would be planted in these first days after the Blackout.

Era Digest: Dark Age is a mini-sourcebook that explores the pivotal developments in the immediate aftermath of the HPG Blackout, giving players a glimpse at early reactions to the crisis and the rise of the splinter factions fighting to take advantage of the chaos. Complete with rules and stats for several Dark Age units, Era Digest: Dark Age also features role-playing support for this crucial setting in BattleTech history!


  • Credits
  • Crisis Mode (short story)
  • Introduction
  • How To Use This Book
  • Dark Age
  • Painful Adolescence
  • Gray Monday
  • Hunting Lions
  • 3132: First Strikes
  • Important Military Actions of Late 3132
  • 3133: Maneuvers
  • Important Military Actions of Late 3133
  • 3134: Breaking Point
  • Important Military Actions of Late 3134
  • Dark Age Timeline
  • The Republic of the Sphere (Map 3130)
  • Map of the Inner Sphere (Map 3130)
  • Shards of the Republic
  • Other Groups
  • Dark Age Rules
  • Role-Playing Rules
  • Character Creation
  • Dark Age Affiliation Restrictions
  • Affiliations
  • Life Module Restrictions
  • Economic Adjustments for the Dark Age
  • Salary Adjustments
  • Purchasing Equipment in the Dark Age
  • Salary and Price Table (Dark Age)
  • Record Sheets Source Table
  • BattleMech Random Assignment Table
  • Vehicle Random Assignment Table
  • Special Command Abilities
  • Record Sheets


  • Like other Era Digest sourcebooks, Era Digest: Dark Age lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.
  • PDF exclusive product.
  • The cover art was original used for Record Sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age I.
  • Errata The product description gives 1 August as the date for Gray Monday. Although this may originally have been the intended date, it has since been clarified that this was in error.[1] The "official" date for Gray Monday remains 7 August (a Sunday).

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  1. Confirmed in this thread on the official BattleTech forum.