Erde Centrella

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Erde Centrella.jpg
Erde Centrella
Born 3042[1]
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Noble
Parents Nicolas Ramilie (father), Emma Centrella (mother)
Siblings Danai

Erde Centrella was a Magistracy of Canopus noblewoman and Magistracy Medical Corps officer who lived during the thirty-first century.

Character Description[edit]

While Erde lacked the military and political aptitudes of her older sisters, Erde was known to be smart and have an amazing sense of empathy for her fellow man and woman.[1]


Early Life[edit]

The daughter of Emma Centrella and her mercenary father, Nicolas Ramilie, Erde was the only daughter to be named by her father. She was raised under an assumed name to protect her and her fellow siblings from political court assassins.[1]

Early Years as Officer in the Magistracy Medical Corps in New Colony Region[edit]

Erde enrolled at medical school on Luxen and at age 18. After graduation, she joined the Magistracy Medical Corps. At her request, Erde's first assignment was to the New Colony Region. Erde continued serving in the region until she was injured during a pirate raid on Portland. After her recovery, Magestrix Centrella recalled Erde to Canopus in order to groom Erde should anything happen to her sister Naomi. The death of Erde's older sister, Danai, coupled with the supposed influence over Naomi exerted by her husband, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao of the Capellan Confederation, no doubt played a part in the Magestrix's decision.[1]

Later Years as an Officer in the Magistracy Medical Corps on Canopus and the Jihad[edit]

On Canopus, Erde continued to serve in the Medical Corps, achieving the rank of Major. When the Blakists invaded Canopus, she was able to escape the capital. During the Blakist occupation, Erde was placed in charge of the medical operations for the guerrilla forces. When the invasion ended, Erde was rewarded with a promotion to force major and was placed in charge of MAF Medical personnel on Canopus.[1]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Erde is known to have two children.[1] As was typical for Canopian royalty, little is known about them or their paternity.[2] After the birth of Danai Liao-Centrella Erde took responsibility for raising her "niece", giving her the benefit of the best possible education and the best life experience that she could, even as Erde's sister Naomi largely ignored her "daughter".[3] Erde raised Danai Liao-Centrella up until Danai was fourteen years old.[4]

Game Notes[edit]

From the Master & Minions source book, Naomi is listed with following AToW RPG abilities as of 3077: "Her ability to manipulate medical personnel and supplies allows any unit that she is overseeing to immediately recover twenty percent of its injuries. If forced into action by herself, she is an excellent medic (Elite medical technician) and has basic combat training."[5]


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