Erdelmaine Randis

Erdelmaine Randis
Affiliation Brotherhood of Randis
Rank Grand Knight of the Brotherhood of Randis
Profession MechWarrior

Erdelmaine Randis was a former Free Worlds League MechWarrior commander who is most known for forming the Brotherhood of Randis in 2988.[1]



Very little is known of Randis' participation in the Free Worlds League Military, other than he left its service disenchanted and traveled planet-to-planet for a number of years, seeking a purpose to life. Prior to his arrival on Hope IV, he was known to have a love of history and was considered philosophical; however, he was not known for being particularly religious in either the Christian or any other faith.[2][3]

Brotherhood of Randis[edit]

In 2988, Randis found the world of Hope IV as poor as most any other Deep Periphery planet, besieged by the world's resident disenfranchised MechWarriors. Nothing is known of his methods, but he was able to form these piratical combatants into a cohesive unit, focused instead on protecting the rest of the residents from offworld attacks. The Brotherhood of Randis (also known as the Randis Brotherhood) would become notorious under Randis' leadership as a cult of personality, with a grounding in the Christian faith. Its bizarre initiation practices were considered harsh and brutal. The unit was not known for being particularly effective in its off-world contracts, though their defensive capabilities endeared them to the residents of the newly renamed Randis IV.[2]

In 3037, Randis was challenged and defeated by Galahad Frews for leadership of the Brotherhood. There are no reports as to what occurred to him following this removal, though members from the Brotherhood's Inner Circle have been known to remain on Randis IV, never retiring from the cadre.[1][3]

Title and Postion[edit]

Preceded by
Leader of the Brotherhood of Randis
2988 - 3037

Succeeded by
Galahad Frews


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