Erik Sandoval-Groell

Erik Sandoval-Groell
Erik Sandoval-Groell
AffiliationHouse Sandoval-Groell
Title(s)Duke of Robinson
Position(s)Prince's Champion

Erik Sandoval-Groell was the chief adviser to Duke Aaron Sandoval and Commander of the Swordsworn which culminated in him becoming the Prince's Champion for First Prince Caleb Davion.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Erik was born on Robinson and was the great-grandson of Jessica Sandoval-Groell. Erik was not in line for the throne of the Draconis March, but he was still considered part of the dynasty.

At the age of twelve he was sent to live with his older cousin Aaron Sandoval II[2]

Swordsworn Activities[edit]


Once the HPGs went down, Duke Corwin Sandoval sent Erik to reclaim the Republic world of Mara which used to be a possession of the Sandoval dynasty. He failed to secure the planet due to another cousin of his, Christine Sandoval, interfering.[1] His defeat at the hands of his cousin, who sided with the natives of Mara, sent him back to the Draconis March in disgrace.[3]


When he returned to report to his cousin, Aaron immediately sent him to secure Achernar because of the working HPG station.[4] There he noticed that his force was small compared to the forces of both the Republic militia and the forces of the Steel Wolves; the Wolves were on the world for the same reason as Erik's Swordsworn, the control of the working HPG.

Erik was able to persuade the Republican Knight on the world, Kyle Powers, to see his force as an ally against the Wolves. He used this new alliance to position his force as a reserve between every engagement between the militia and Wolf forces in order to save his strength and sap both of theirs to make it easier to turn on both of them to take control of the world. A hitch in his plan arose when both sides went to a wait and see approach. He needed both sides to destroy each other so he decided to go ahead and goad the Wolves. Erik concentrated a portion of his force to attack and destroy one of the Wolves salvage teams.[5] With the attack on mainly non-warriors, Erik hoped that Torrent would demand retribution from Sir Powers since he agreed to have the Swordsworn act as allies to the militia; their fight would help to reduce their strength even more.

During the final pitched battle for control of the world, Erik's men came under attack from Raul Ortega's forces which gave Erik the opportunity he was searching for; he was now free to attack both of his enemies. When the battle left the city and made its way to the spaceport, the forces of the Swordsworn and Steel Wolves pushed closer and closer to the line of the Republican militia; until it became too crowded, and descended into a brutal three way fight.

Erik would go on to concede the battlefield to the militia forces when there was no longer a military objective for Achernar. Erik realized too late that Raul had forces sneak into the HPG building and plant explosives to destroy the compound, removing all importance for the world.[6] Erik left Achernar and returned to Tikonov as a hero because he was able to complete one of his objectives, to prevent the Steel Wolves from obtaining a working HPG station.[7]

New Aragon[edit]

After those two defeats, Erik participated in a major Swordsworn victory against House Liao on the world of New Aragon, leading his battle-hardened Swordsworn regiments alongside elements of the Davion Guards and the Ghost Legion. Duke Aaron Sandoval left Erik in charge of mopping up the remaining hostile forces, a duty that he performed well. During this last operation, Erik was noted for successfully leading a search and destroy party of Swordsworn 'Mechs against a heavier Liao Tundra Wolf.[citation needed]

New Canton[edit]

After learning of the failed attempt to kill his Uncle in New Canton, Erik was sent to the world of Shensi to gather their support in forming a coalition of worlds against House Liao, while Aaron Sandoval negotiated with other worlds. On Shensi Erik found a political and bureaucratic nightmare that made it seem impossible to sign any agreement; unbeknownst to him, his uncle hired Liao mercenaries to carry out a surprise attack while Erik was on the planet. As a result of the attack Erik managed to get the agreement signed and left the planet to report his success to his uncle.[citation needed]

St. Andre[edit]

While Aaron Sandoval was gathering aid for his coalition from other nearby worlds, Erik was put in charge of the defense of St. Andre, an important world already under heavy attack from Capellan forces. He took command of all Swordsworn forces on the planet, but learned that the Capellan forces were vastly superior to his own and would overwhelm his army. When House Liao launched a massive attack Swordsworn forces put up a determined resistance, inflicting serious losses on the attackers, but the prolonged fight took a toll on Erik's forces; just when all hope seemed to be lost, Aaron Sandoval arrived with reinforcements from other worlds and wiped out the Capellan forces with the aid of Erik’s battered forces. Erik was recognized as having led a very good defense with the forces he had available.[citation needed]

After the hard-fought victory on St. Andre and upon learning of his uncle's involvement on the Shensi attack, Erik's point of view changed and he decided to make his own path in life instead of following the Duke.

New Hessen[edit]

On New Hessen, Erik saved First Prince Caleb Davion from both Liao and Republic forces.[8] After he saved Caleb, Erik defected to the Suns, taking half the Sworsworn with him, and was anointed as Prince's Champion.[1]

Federated Suns Activities[edit]

As the Prince's Champion, he was placed in charge of all Armed Forces of the Federated Suns units within the Tikonov region with the purpose of retaking all former Davion worlds from the Republic.[1]

On 14 December 3140, Erik had a meeting at the Fox's Den with Caleb, to discuss the request of assistance of the lyran Archon Melissa Steiner against the Clan Wolf invasion. Caleb didn't want to send any military help, but Erik convinced him to do so, sending the First Davion Guards as a way to send Julian Davion far away, expecting him to be killed.[9]

When Caleb was killed in the Battle of Palmyra (3144), the Privy Council Erik was the only high ranking Suns' officer surviving, so was elected to act as Regent of the Federated Suns as the new First Prince, Julian Davion, was fighting in the Lyran Commonwealth against both Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf.[1]

During Julian's absence, Erik became the de facto military leader of the Suns. In 3146, he prepared a trap to lure the Capellans to Marlette, which succeeded thanks to Julian's arrival on site. The same year, after Erik reunited with Julian, both attempted to lead reinforcements to New Avalon, but it wasn't enough, and the capital fell into Combine hands.[10]

On 3147, Erik, working alongside Julian Davion, planned their next moves. While Julian Davion led an operation to retake New Syrtis, Erik launched Operation PERCEVAL, to harass the Combine planets on the border. During the Battle of Clovis, Sandoval was forced to leave a battalion of the First Avalon Hussars behind on Clovis, promising them he would return.[11] On 3149, after the retaking of New Syrtis, Erik was forced to negotiate with Julian, to calm the discontent within the AFFS, caused by Julian's secrecy about his deals with Devlin Stone. Erik decided to trust him, and convinced the other officers to remain loyal to Davion, in exchange for Erik's assuming the primary command of the AFFS. The same year, Erik led the second phase of Operation Perceval, raiding the Dragon's Tongue worlds.[12]

In 3150, Erik led a counterattack against Combine worlds, freeing some and making good his promise to rescue the Hussars' battalion on Clovis.[13]

Reclaiming the Tongue[edit]

The dawn of IlClan Era found Erik on Argyle, Julian's command post and de facto capital of the Suns. On 3 April, the First Prince held a meeting of his commanding officers, included Siobhan Sortek, where they planned the launch of Operation DAWN, the reconquest of New Avalon. During the preparations, Julian and Erik received a message from Devlin Stone, asking for help against Clan Wolf attack, but both agreed than they had nothing to spare. Reluctantly, Julian accepted that he could not lead the operation, as that would made him the main target. Erik wanted to join the newly contracted mercenary units to Dawn's task force, but Julian refused, instead sending them to reinforce the Combine's frontier or raiding the Dragon's Tongue. The liberation of New Avalon was to be made only by the AFFS.[14][15]

On 12 June, Julian and Erik led the invasion of New Avalon. The First Prince urged Kanrei Matsuhari Toranaga to surrender, though he knew Toranaga wouldn't accept. He stayed in orbit while Erik led the ground assault, landing his forces around the capital.[16][17]

For months, Erik led sorties against the Combine forces, fighting the Fifth Sword of Light building by building, a slow and very costly process. On 4 September, Erik launched a massive assault on Avalon City,where he was personally targeted by a headhunting attack, but was saved thanks to his subordinate Siobhan Sortek's assistance. On 17 September, Erik gathered the Davion Assault Guards and launched a final assault. Toranaga attacked with all what he had, and both leaders engaged into a duel. Toranaga's Atlas was severely damaged, but eventually Erik was downed, only to be saved from death by Julian's intervention. Julian swiftly defeated the weakened Kanrei, who chose to surrender himself to the one which had defeated him.... Erik Sandoval-Groell.[18][19]

In the aftermath of the liberation of New Avalon, Julian confirmed Erik as Duke of Robinson, and debated a number of crucial decisions with his counselors, including Toranaga's final fate. On 16 October, after hearing of Toranaga's death, Erik interrogated Julian, who denied his accusations, and refused to investigate the incident, instead sending Erik to reclaim the Dragon's Tongue worlds: Operation Solar Flare.[20][21]

On 5 February 3152, he was on Plymouth, preparing the operation, and discussing with two subordinates about his cousin, Colleen Sandoval, who appeared to be usurping his authority in the Draconis March, and sent them to Robinson to investigate the situation.[22]

On 16 March, Erik attended a reception on Leamington, recently liberated, where he was acclaimed a hero.[23] He also coordinated the campaign, with amazing success, and personally led the liberation of Euclid, Gambier and finally, on 21 June, the Battle of Greeley, fighting there until 25 June. Then, he lead the charge through the Combine lines. With the defeat of the Combine forces, he negotiated the Combine's retreat of their remaining forces on the Tongue with the Kuritan commander, Sho-so Hisao Ikeda. The war was over.[24][25]

On 21 September, Julian travelled to Robinson and meet in private with Erik, who was returning there for first time in years, immediately after the end of the liberation campaign. The First Prince attempted to make peace with him, but Erik refused, citing Julian's past mistakes, including Toranaga's death. However, he agreed to save face and respect Julian's authority... at least, for the moment.[26]

During a party to celebrate the victory, Erik was personally informed of the fall of Milligan , attacked by Raven Alliance forces, bearing the insignia of the Third Star League.[27]




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