This article is about the ProtoMech design. For the dreadnought WarShip operated by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, see Erinyes (Vessel).
Production information
Manufacturer CJF Factory Zone 5[1]
Tech Base Clan
Introduced 3062
Technical specifications
Mass 2 tons
Chassis Teslan Perricote
Armor ProtoMech Standard
Engine Fireball 12
Communications System PMT-429
Targeting Tracking System Ribaldi 402 TTS
Speed 62 km/h
Jump Jets 4 MicroTan Streaks

1x SRM-1 launcher

BV (2.0) 67[2][3]


The Erinyes ProtoMech was the first designed and produced by Clan Jade Falcon. After seeing how poorly it fared in battle against the Lyran Alliance and Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces, Khan Marthe Pryde ordered the project terminated in 3064. The problem with the Erinyes was simple: It was a proof-of-concept design intended to show that the ProtoMech program could work. Unfortunately the slow speed, light armor, and paltry weapon system doomed the Erinyes to failure. Most of these ProtoMechs and their pilots were reassigned to the Periphery flank of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone and to rear area security duties.

The Erinyes (and their pilots) did perform well during the Hellion's Fury campaign. Using the Erinyes as an ambush hunter, the Jade Falcon forces on several worlds seriously damaged Clan Ice Hellion forces. (It is important to note that the ambushes only occurred after the Hellions broke zellbrigen. In the stand-up fights the Jade Falcons prefer, the Erinyes is little more than a target. Given that the Falcons have been known to withhold zellbrigen when fighting Inner Sphere forces, this use of the Erinyes should not be ignored.)

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The single SRM-1 launcher mounted in the torso fails to bring any serious firepower to a stand-up fight, even when the Erinyes works as a Point. The best option for pilots of a standard Erinyes is to use ambush tactics. Loading the SRM launcher with an alternate ammunition type may help as well.


After the program was cancelled in 3064, the Jade Falcons created a couple variants of the Erinyes.

  • The Erinyes 2 replaced the Fireball 12 fusion engine and SRM launcher with with a slightly larger engine and an ER Micro Laser at the cost of some armor. As this reduced the protection to critically low levels, few pilots used it. BV (2.0) = 52[4]
  • The Erinyes 3 is apparently a derivative of the Erinyes 2, using the same larger engine. However, it increases leg armor protection and uses a Light Machine Gun. BV (2.0) = 64[5]


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