Essay: Emblematic 'Mechs

An "emblematic 'Mech" is a 'Mech that is strongly associated with a faction. It's generally mean that it's this faction that uses this 'Mech the most. Usually, it's because the faction holds all, or almost all, factories of this 'Mech or have created it. The purpose of this essay is to reference such 'Mechs.

Age of War[edit]

These 'Mechs constitute the very early efforts of 'Mech development derived, often directly, from the prototypical Mackie.

Terran Hegemony: Helepolis

Draconis Combine: Gladiator, Von Rohrs/Hebi

Free Worlds League: Icarus (II), Sarissa

Lyran Commonwealth: Commando, Eisenfaust, Ymir

Federated Suns: BattleAxe, Hammerhands, Swordsman

Taurian Concordat: Toro, Talos

Third Succession War[edit]

With all the technology lost during the First and Second Succession War, many 'Mechs were only produced in a handful of factories. Often, these factories were controlled by only one Successor State. This situation created a lot of emblematic 'Mechs.

Here is a list of the Succession State militaries, with their respective emblematic 'Mechs for this period.

Armed Forces of the Federated Suns: Javelin, Valkyrie, Enforcer, Centurion, Rifleman, JagerMech, Victor,Blackjack.[1][2]

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces: Flashman,[3][4] Banshee, Zeus.[2]

Free Worlds League Military: Hermes II, Trebuchet, Orion, Awesome.[2]

Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery: Jenner, Panther, Dragon, Charger.[1][2]

Capellan Confederation Armed Forces: Vindicator,UrbanMech[1]


Word of Blake: Celestial series OmniMechs

Emblematic Technologies[edit]

Some technologies, more specific than the Inner Sphere/Clan divide, are unique or mostly utilized by specific factions. 'Mechs with this technology are generally going to be associated with that faction.

C3 network: C3 Networks were developed by the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery in the 3040s, they are primarily utilized by the DCMS and the DCMS is the only user who often used them at the company level or larger.[5]

Improved C3 Computer: C3i networks were developed by Comstar and later Word of Blake, which allowed for up to six 'Mechs to be in a network with no dedicated master, which allowed the system to be used in Level IIs. This system was almost never seen outside of this service as a result[6]

Stealth Armor: Stealth armor was initially developed by the Capellan Confederation in the 3060s, derived from Star-league era null signature systems. This technology was quickly stolen by other successor states, but many of the designs with in-built stealth armor remain Capellan[7].

Improved Narc Missile Beacon: The Improved Narc Missile Beacon or iNarc is a development of the Narc by Comstar/Word of Blake which improves the range of the standard Narc, while also offering different ammunition types besides the standard Narc beacon and the Draconis-Combine developed Explosive Pod.[8] While primarily utilized by Word of Blake, it also saw use with the Free Worlds League, likely due to their close alignment in the run-up to the Jihad.[9]


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