Ethan Moreau

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Ethan Moreau
Character Profile
Born 2747[1]
Died 2851[2]
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Position Loremaster
Profession MechWarrior

Ethan Moreau was a Star League Defense Force officer and Gunslinger who would stay behind on the Pentagon Worlds during Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus. After a show of great contrition he would be forgiven by the ilKhan and allowed to join the Clans. He would rise to be the first Loremaster of Clan Goliath Scorpion within two years of his adoption, though he would never be allowed to have his genes added to the Clans' eugenics program. He died in battle against the Fire Mandrills.


Ethan Moreau was born in the Free Worlds League’s province of Abbey District and was influenced by witnessing the Star League Defense Force's protection of his home region from bandit attacks.[1]

Star League Service[edit]

Moreau graduated from the Star League's Gunslinger Program, and was an extremely capable MechWarrior. He held the rank of Major during the Liberation of Terra, distinguishing himself in battle and earning a promotion to General, as well as command of the elite 81st BattleMech Division.[3] He was considered to be a conscientious man and was well respected by the troops he led.[1]

The Exodus Road and Babylonian Honor[edit]

Ethan Moreau joined Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus from the Inner Sphere. He was commander of the defenses on the Pentagon World of Babylon, a position he held when the rebellions broke out after the DeChavilier Massacre. With the death of Aleksandr Kerensky and the leadership of the Star League in Exile, Moreau ultimately refused to accompany Nicholas Kerensky on the Second Exodus. He wrote to the future ilKhan a heartfelt letter where he explained he was tired of running away from war, as well as the journey of the Exodus Road in general. He felt that his honor required his service on Babylon and that he would try to keep the SLDF flame alive during the dark years of the Pentagon Civil War.[3][1]

When rebels overran the 81st's headquarters only two weeks after Nicholas Kerensky's followers departed, Ethan Moreau was originally reported dead. He stayed and defended against the rising tide of combatants divided between Inner Sphere factional loyalties. Throughout the long years of civil war, he rallied the remnants of his forces against the two primary rebel factions. When the factions united just before the arrival of the Clans in 2821, his unit was swept into the deserts, scattered to fate.[3]

Redemption and the Scorpion[edit]

Ethan Moreau wandered for an indeterminable length of time through the deserts and wastes, his days spent in contemplation and introspection. After the conclusion of Operation Klondike, as the period called The Coursing began in 2822, he would be found by an Ice Hellion patrol. He had climbed to the top of an obsidian spire (now known as Moreau's Dagger), a rock formation common in the Babylonian badlands, and was screaming in delirium. In his wandering he had been stung multiple times by Babylonian goliath scorpions, a large arachnid inhabiting the desert wastelands with a highly toxic venom, often causing death and brain damage to survivors, and having hallucinogenic properties. When the patrol was close enough to hear him, they heard him yell, "Bring me to the ilKhan, I must see him!"[3][1]

All of this was a surprise to the warriors of the patrol. The fact that Nicholas Kerensky was officially called by the title ilKhan was not common knowledge outside of the Clans at that time. When he was brought before Kerensky, he fell to his knees and told of how he had perpetrated a great folly by staying behind when the call for the Second Exodus was issued. He begged forgiveness for his mistake; Kerensky agreed. Moreau then swore an oath (later called a surkairede) to do everything he could to protect Kerensky and his descendants.[3][1] (This was the origin of the surkai tradition, whereby a Clan member can admit his or her mistake and beg forgiveness from a superior -or even ask for punishment for wrongs- all with little or no loss of honor to either party.[4][5])

Though the Ice Hellions would dismiss him as infirm and damaged by the scorpion venom, another Clan was interested in his abilities. Being one of the few survivors from the elite Gunslinger Program still held some advantages for Moreau. At the petition of Khan Cyrus Elam, who wanted to use him as an instructor for his Clan's newest warriors, Moreau was inducted into Clan Goliath Scorpion in a ceremony that the ilKhan himself attended. This occasion became the basis for the modern Ritual of Adoption, and has been observed ever since by the Clans. His adoption was not without a condition: Moreau would never be allowed to contribute to the Clan eugenics program. He would be allowed to keep his full name, though in later generations warrior caste adoptees would take the name of their respective Clan as their surname.[3][6]

Upon being adopted, Ethan Moreau was charged with the task of writing down every recollection and thought about what had occurred during the long civil war. His writings were incorporated into the Goliath Scorpion Remembrance and served as an object lesson on the futility of the Pentagon Civil War and a glimpse at the horrors that took place as told by an eyewitness to the events. He also steeped himself in the study of Clan law and tradition, as well as the writings of the ilKhan and his supporters. By 2824, he was named the first Loremaster of Clan Goliath Scorpion after only two years in service.[3]

Trial and Travail During the Golden Century[edit]

In 2834, twelve years after the end of Operation Klondike, Clan Wolf was in the midst of a Trial of Absorption against the hated Clan Widowmaker. The Refusal took place on Ironhold. The bitter conflict would boil over when an escalating chain of events ended with the death of the ilKhan after a large laser on Khan Cal Jorgensson's 'Mech discharged into his cockpit.[3]

Quickly destroying or capturing every Widowmaker asset in reach, soon only the Widowmaker capital on the colony world Roche was all that remained for the Wolves to seize. The Goliath Scorpions likewise had an enclave on that world and had been watching events unfold. When Wolf forces dropped onto the world to face what they thought was the last Trinary of Widowmaker warriors, two more Trinaries crept out from cover to ambush the unsuspecting Wolves.[3]

Loremaster Ethan Moreau (commanding the Third Scorpion Cuirassiers) and Khan Elam of the Goliath Scorpions saw the scene unfolding. Moreau soon charged in his Black Knight toward the Porthos battlefield, intent upon honoring his surkairede to defend Kerensky, with his Khan and several more Scorpion 'Mechs following as quickly as they could. In the ensuing battle, Khan Elam would die along with Widowmaker saKhan Kyle Vordermark while dueling each other, as Moreau fought and actively fulfilled his surkairede, surviving the fighting to see the last of the Widowmakers finished. Khan Winson was initially furious with Ethan Moreau and the rest of the Goliath Scorpions for interfering in what he saw as his trial, but he would eventually forgive him and come to the understanding that Moreau had simply upheld his oath, and that his surkairede extended to all of Clan Wolf, something which saved many Wolf warriors from a cowardly trap.[7] [3][8]

Extraordinary Visions and Final Days[edit]

As the Golden Century progressed, the Goliath Scorpion touman found itself with a large influx of warriors, more than they could equip. Loremaster Moreau suggested a new test to thin out the ranks. Each of the young warriors would subject themselves to the sting of a goliath scorpion to prove their worthiness physically and mentally, but also as an echo of certain ancient Terran warrior rituals. While this proved an excellent way to weed out the weak, it killed too many warriors, endangering the Clan's genetic stability. Khan Shandra Dinour was intrigued by the reported visions that the survivors had witnessed, but still considered the cost too high to continue using the ritual.[2]

After a two-year effort ordered by Khan Dinour, the Goliath Scorpion scientists invented a less-deadly alternative, necrosia. A green luminous liquid, it had the hallucinogenic "vision" effects of the scorpion venom, but without an overwhelming fatality rate. It soon became very popular with the young warriors, who claimed it allowed them to see the future when looking at things from the past.[2]

In 2845, Loremaster Moreau spoke to the Scorpion Bloodnamed warriors, telling them about a vision that he had of the future. He said he was shown a great vision of how the Goliath Scorpions would restore the Star League. He instructed each of the warriors present to go to Tokasha, one of their colony enclaves, and scour the planet for a cache left behind by the Not-Named Clan, and that this would be the first key to their eventual dominance. The warriors searched Tokasha for years, making their Clan neighbors upset at their disregard for boundaries, but finding no cache.[2]

When Khan Dinour caught word of how a cache captured by Clan Ice Hellion fit Loremaster Moreau's description, she immediately offered a batchall to obtain it. After a successful Trial of Possession by the Scorpions, the Ice Hellion Khan Grosse Lienet issued a counterchallenge. A year of struggle ensued with no clear victor. Then in early 2851, elements of Clan Fire Mandrill attacked in an attempt to wrest control of the facility away from the two distracted combatants. Angered at the intrusion, the Scorpions and Hellions teamed together to drive off the Fire Mandrills. In one fateful battle between Goliath Scorpion and forces of Mandrill Kindraa Mattila-Carrol, Loremaster Moreau's 'Mech became stuck in a swamp area; he realized he could no longer fight and asked hegira of his opponents. A young warrior approached and killed Ethan Moreau with a gauss rifle shot to the head of his Black Knight. Kindraa Mattila-Carrol would never be forgiven for this dishonorable action, but the damage could not be undone. Ethan Moreau, Loremaster and Gunslinger, was dead.[2][9][1]


Ethan Moreau is called an unofficial founder of Clan Goliath Scorpion.[5] Though the Burrock (now Star Adder) Bloodname Moreau is from an unrelated progenitor, it is one of the most sought after lines in all of the Clans by the warriors of Clan Goliath Scorpion, simply because it is the name of their beloved first Loremaster. They tried to seize it several times, in vain.[3]

Considered to be a great mystic, Ethan Moreau would pass on his vision to future warriors, rather than his genes. The rituals he started lead the Goliath Scorpions to seek out the past in order to find the future. Each Goliath Scorpion seeker owes a debt of gratitude to Ethan Moreau, by the simple fact that without his extraordinary insights, his Clan might not have chosen its current path. Seekers should well know that they are each his inheritors.[2]


Ethan's only known 'Mech was a Black Knight.


  • per Operational Turning Points: Widowmaker Absorption, p. 12:
Special abilities: Sniper, Marksman
Traits: Poison Resistance, Toughness
Compulsion: -2 TP
Skill Rolls: Negotiation (+4), Leadership (+4)


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