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Eva Hordwon

Eva Hordwon
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Clan Wolf
Profession MechWarrior

Exemplifying the aggressive nature of Clan Ice Hellion, Eva Hordwon was a ristar MechWarrior taken by Clan Wolf during the Harvest Trials.


Born of an Asa Taney-Lysa Hordwon sibko, Eva attracted the attention of her Genefather by challenging him to a personal Trial at age 16. Eva would win her Trial of Position to become a Warrior by defeating three of her opponents and earn the rank of Star Commander, only for her Genefather to assign her to Alpha Galaxy's Seventh Attack Cluster. Any other warrior would have considered this a high honor to be assigned to their Clan's most prestigious Cluster in their most elite Galaxy under the personal command of their Khan, but Eva bristled at being placed under the direct command of her Genefather and not being able to earn her own honor, demanding a Trial of Refusal against his decision. She would lose this Trial, as well as both her legs. After they were regrown, Eva would prove to be an exemplary warrior.[1]

As part of the Harvest Trials, Khan Asa Taney assigned Eva to the treacherous saKhan Weiland Cage's understrength Lithe Kill Keshik as a surprise to Clan Wolf Khan Vlad Ward. Both Cage and Ward were indeed caught unawares at the skill of the replacements, Eva and the mostly Freeborn troops of the replacement Binary inflicting such heavy losses that Ward was forced to rescind his claim to Cage's entire Keshik, bargaining down the odds to a more manageable Star level Trial which he narrowly won, taking a number of Ice Hellion bondsmen including Eva to her Genefather's chagrin.[1] [2]

Earning back her Warrior status in her new Clan, Eva quickly proved to be a worthy Wolf warrior, securing a position in Vlad Ward's prestigious Golden Keshik in the Inner Sphere. In 3066 she traveled back to the Clan Homeworlds to fight for and successfully win her Bloodname. [1]


An aggressive pilot, Eva Hordwon was known to pilot an Arctic Cheetah.[1]

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While there are no indications that Eva Hordwon piloted anything other than a standard Arctic Cheetah configurations, in MechWarrior Online the Shard Hero 'Mech configuration carries two ER Medium Lasers in each arm, supported by twin Heavy Machine Guns in the right torso and a left-torso mounted Streak SRM-4. A single ton of Streak missiles and a ton and a half of HMG ammo give the Shard good endurance.[3]

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