Evan Kell

Evan Kell
Born 3083
Died 3142
Affiliation House Kell
Profession Colonel of the Kell Hounds
Parents Caitlin Kell (mother)
Siblings Martin Kell

Evan Kell was the commanding officer of the Kell Hounds from 3122 until his death in 3142.[1]


Evan Kell was one of the twin sons of Caitlin Kell commander of the Kell Hounds Mercenary unit and Grand Duchess of Arc-Royal. It was decided to split the inheritance of the two boys with Evan being groomed to command the Kell Hounds and Martin to eventually take on the role of ruling their home planet.[1]

He commanded the Kell Hounds after Maria Allard was killed in combat on Dustball in 3122.[2]

Evan would remain command of the Hounds until his death in the Clan Jade Falcon Red Talon's orbital bombardment of Timkovichi in 3142, at which point command of the surviving elements of the Hounds passed to Callandre Kell.[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Maria Allard
Colonel of Kell Hounds

Succeeded by
Callandre Kell


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