Exodus Road (novel)

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Exodus Road
Product information
Type Novel
Author Blaine Lee Pardoe
Pages 280
Cover Artwork Bruce Jensen
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 01 August 1997
ISBN-10 0451455975
ISBN-13 978-0451456120
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 30523058
Series Twilight of the Clans
Preceded by (none)
Followed by Grave Covenant

Exodus Road, by Blaine Lee Pardoe, is the first book in the Twilight of the Clans series.

The novel was made available on BattleCorps on 27 August 2011 as a PDF file (text only, without cover, pictures, or any other interior artwork except for the usual BattleCorps frame graphics). The PDF copy includes a disclaimer stating that it was created from a pre-final edition text that might differ from the printed version and that canon-wise, the print edition trumps the PDF edition.

From the back cover[edit]

The Clans, for generations, bided their time waiting for the right opportunity to appear from the Periphery and conquer the Inner Sphere. They risked all at the Battle of Tukayyid – only to be soundly defeated. The results were deadlier than they could ever imagine.

For one devoted warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the disgrace of Tukayyid has scarred him for life. And it is this tragedy that will change the universe forever, a treachery hidden beyond the Exodus Road.


This novel is the first in the pivotal Twilight of the Clans Series of Novels.

This follows a Smoke Jaguar mechwarrior, mechwarrior Trent, from the battle field of Tukkayid up until roughly the end of the novel impetus of war.

In the opening sequence mechwarrior Trent takes a bondswoman (Judith) on Tukkayid just before being severely wounded.

Upon awaking, the Trent finds out that the clan is purging those involved in the shame of Tukkayid, and as a result he has lost his sponsership for a bloodname. At the same time the clan has determined that inner sphere mechwarriors are never to be permitted to be released from Bondsman status and made warriors, ensure that Judith has no chance of being more than a technician under the clans.

As the story progresses, things go from bad to worse for mechwarrior Trent, as he is betrayed by a friend as part of the political machinations of the Smoke Jaguar leadership. He loses the melee for a blood name due to his main rival and galaxy commander sabotaging his mech, is denied the chance to lead a Binary, and held responsible for all poor outcomes of Binary/ Galaxy at every turn.

He is also horrified to learn that the Smoke Jaguars are continuing to use the mass killing of civilians to control inner sphere worlds, and is tasked with conducting the activity on local rebel supporting towns.

He is eventually sent back to the homeworlds as an escort to a dead bloodnamed mechwarriors gift take. Pror to this trip, Judith reveals she is a Comstar ROM agent, and that she wants him to set things right in his wayward clan, but helping here record the route back the homeworlds. He agrees and the two venture to Huntress and then return over the course of two years.

They are then able to contact Comstar for extraction during a raid launched by the Jaguars against a Combine world.

The novel ends with mechwarrior Trent delivering the Exodus Road information to Precentor Martial Foct on Tukkayid, kicking off the events of the rest of the series.

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Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


A German edition, translated by Reinhold H. Mai, was published by Heyne in 1998 as Exodus (ISBN 9783453133167).[1] This was republished as an EPUB by Ulisses Spiele in 2020 as BattleTech Legenden 38 : Exodus (ISBN 9783963316999).[2]


A Hungarian edition, translated by Erdős Árpádné, was published by Beholder in 2002 as A kivonulás útja.[3]


A Russian edition, translated by E. Drozd, was published by Дрофа (Drofa) in 2002 as Дорога исхода (ISBN 5710763004) as part of a series produced in collaboration with Армада-пресс (Armada-Press). [4] [5]


A Spanish edition, translated by Jaime de Marcos Andreu, was published by Timun Mas in 1998 as La ruta del éxodo.



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