Exodus Sentinel

Exodus Sentinel
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


As at 3059 the York-class destroyer Exodus Sentinel was serving as the CSA Exodus Sentinel within the Clan Star Adder touman. One of five York-class ships to be in service with the Star Adders at this time - the others being CSA Exodus Avenger, CSA Exodus Crusader, CSA Exodus Ranger and CSA Star Fire - the Exodus Sentinel was one of the five ships that made a ready-reserve Star of naval vessels.[1] Following the absorption of former Clan Smoke Jaguar holdings the Exodus Sentinel had been returned to full service by 3067 under the orders of the Star Adder Naval Adjutant, Star Admiral Tobias McKenna.[2]

The Exodus Sentinel survived the Wars of Reaving and as of 3085 the Exodus Avenger and her sister ships Exodus Avenger and Exodus Crusader were three of the thirteen WarShips still serving in the Star Adder touman in 3085.[3]


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