Experimental Technical Readout: Royal Fantasy

Experimental Technical Readout: Royal Fantasy
Product information
Type Technical Readout (PDF)
Author Herbert A. Beas II
Development Tara Bills
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 80
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (cover design & layout)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia,
Doug Chaffee,
Brent Evans,
Stephen Huda,
Alex Iglesias,
Chris Lewis,
David White,
Matt Wilsbacher (Record Sheets)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35APR22
First published April 1, 2014
Era Dark Age era (preface)
Series Experimental Technical Readouts
Preceded by Experimental Technical Readout: 1945
Followed by Experimental Technical Readout: Gunslingers


Published as the 2014 April Fools gag, the twenty-second entry to CGL's PDF-exclusive mini-Technical Readout or TROlet series, Experimental Technical Readout: Royal Fantasy (abbreviated XTRO:RF or XTR:RF) is a Technical Readout-style presentation of units used in a Solaris VII tournament in the year 3146. Presented in fantasy theme, unique & custom BattleMechs and battle armor fluff write-up are notable pilots. The units in this produced utilize Inner Sphere and Clan experimental technology with BattleTech stats, record sheets, and game rules for this time period. Included in this product also are rules to allow for a Solaris style tournament, special rules for stables & arenas, and printable Maps of Solaris VII.


Previous April Fools publications were tongue-in-cheek publications that were typically not meant to be canon. When XTRO: Royal Fantasy was released Assistant Line Developer Ben H. Rome expressly said that it was not canonical but at the same time author Herbert A. Beas II said[1] that he deliberately wrote the book as closely to canon as possible, and described it as "semi-canon".

In a posting dated 23 July 2015, Herb Beas explicitly listed it as "XTR: Royal Fantasy Tournament - Canon. Stats and all."[2]

Royal Fantasy's units have since been added to the canonical Master Unit List, settling the matter.

Product Description[edit]

It’s a Whole New World (Please Don’t Sue!)

Welcome, fight fans to the annual Solaris VII Exhibition Tournament! And do we have a special treat for you this year! We guarantee that you have never seen a combination of match-ups like these, and may never see such a thing again in your lifetime! For it is this year that, of all the contestants, from all across the Inner Sphere, we find ourselves amazed by the talents and unique rides of some of Solaris VII’s loveliest lady warriors—and what’s more, each of these deadly vixens have assembled today a mix of machines custom-designed to invoke heroes and heroines of classic folklore

So, without further ado, we present the most astounding Exhibition Tournament week ever, which we call: “The First Solaris Royal Fantasy Bout”!

Experimental Tech Readout: Royal Fantasy Tournament offers a complete list of the custom ’Mechs and battle armor devised for a special Solaris VII series of exhibition bouts with a familiar theme. Statistics, record sheets, and even pilot bios are included for 19 unique new experimental units, ready for play in (really) advanced BattleTech games set in the arenas of the Solaris VII Game World.

NOTE: The hex maps contained in this PDF are not the final, legal maps from the Solaris VII MapPack.



3146 Royal Fantasy Rules[edit]

  • Overlapping Abilities and Advantages
  • Optional Solaris Arena Rule: Crowd Participation
  • Optional Super Secret Solaris Seven Special Surprise: Power-Ups!
  • Crowd Participation Points Table
  • Team-Specific Rules
    • Teams and Specific Units
  • Solaris Arenas
    • Non-BattleMech Matches
    • Surrender
    • Boreal Reach (Davion Arena)
      • Map Rules
    • Ishiyama (Kurita Arena)
      • Map Rules
    • The Jungle (Liao Arena)
      • Map Rules
    • Steiner Coliseum (Steiner Arena)
      • Map Rules
    • Hartford Gardens (Reaches Arena, Xolara)
      • Map Rules
    • King of the Mountain (Reaches Arena, Xolara)
      • Map Rules
    • The Scrapyard (Reaches Arena, Burgton)
      • Map Rules
    • The Pool (Reaches Arena, Bracken Swamp)
      • Map Rules
    • The Mud Pit (Reaches Arena, Roland Fields)
      • Map Rules
  • The 3146 Solaris VII Royal Fantasy Tournament
    • Playing the Tournament
    • Playing the Matches
    • Casualties
    • Repairs
    • Special Arena Rules
    • Bracket Template

Record Sheets[edit]

  • Record Sheets
  • Solaris Arena Maps

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  • The machines are all homages to various characters owned by the Disney Corporation, mostly princesses, including from Pixar's Brave and the Star Wars saga. The MechWarriors piloting them are also named after the actresses and actors who voiced (or played) the characters.


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