Extended Jump Jet System


Extended Jump Jets (XJJs) were first designed by the Scientist Caste of Clan Snow Raven in 3067. Based on the VTOL equipment used by the Sylph battle armor, the Extended Jump Jet program created a device that could allow the ProtoMech mounting them to exceed the previous limitations of jump jets. Very similar to the Improved Jump Jets created by Clan Wolf-in-Exile, the Extended Jump Jet system was appropriated by members of The Society for use on their own ProtoMechs. They entered service in 3071.[1]

Though still experimental the Extended Jump Jet system shows great promise, and will likely be found on ProtoMechs used by Clan Hell's Horses and Clan Snow Raven.


Game Rules[edit]

Extended Jump Jets are only available to ProtoMechs. Like the Improved Jump Jets used by BattleMechs, they allow a ProtoMech to receive a number of Jump MP equal to the unit's Running MP. Glider ProtoMechs cannot mount Extended Jump Jets. Extended Jump Jets weigh twice as much as standard ProtoMech jump jets (XJJs for a ProtoMech weighing less than 6 tons weigh 100kg per jump MP; Protos between 6 and 9 tons pay 200kg for each jump MP, and for Protos heavier than 9 tons, each jump MP will cost 300kg of weight).

Extended Jump Jets are Experimental equipment, and have an availability rating of (F/X-X-F).[1]


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