External Stores Hardpoint

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An external stores hardpoint is a common feature on military aircraft, including aerospace fighters, and allow craft to carry additional equipment including fuel tanks, sensor pods and ordnance. They are less commonly found on civilian craft but, while normally used for nonmilitary purposes, can be easily converted to carry deadly munitions.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Aerospace fighters and conventional fighters receive external stores hardpoints, which may be used to carry bombs, additional fuel tanks, or even special sensors (such as TAG). The number of hardpoints a fighter received is equal to its tonnage divided by 5 (rounded down).[2]

Unlike aerospace fighters and conventional fighters, which are designed for combat, fixed-wing support vehicles must install External Stores Hardpoints as part of their equipment, with each one taking up 0.2 tons of weight, and requiring 0 critical slots to install. Each hardpoint has the same capabilities as its combat fighter counterparts; however, a maximum of 1 hardpoint can be installed for every 10 tons that the unit weighs (rounded down).[1]


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