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Faith McClosky is a writer who has been published in Shrapnel magazine with one story in the fourth issue (15 March 2021). The author registered with the handle "FaithBomb" on the BattleTech forums on 19 December 2018; the forum profile linked to a blog existing since 2015 where the author identified herself as a lesbian nurse.

McClosky was noted as a particularly fierce critic of BattleTech author Blaine Lee Pardoe regarding both his writing as such and his political leanings and activities in forum posts and other online activities.

In July 2021 Pardoe publicly described "Faith McClosky" as a false identity used by an activist to harass and threaten him (see below). When CGL announced that they had suspended publishing new works by Pardoe due primarily to his "online activities which do not align with Catalyst’s publishing vision" just over a year later,[1] he complained about being "canceled" and that they would thus be siding with an activist who had allegedly threatened his life.[2] (There is no indication that CGL's decision was in any way influenced by McClosky's grievances.)

False identity?[edit]

According to a blog posting by Blaine Lee Pardoe dated 8 July 2021, "Faith McClosky" does not actually exist as a real person. Instead, according to Pardoe it is a false identity online persona (and not merely a pen name) created by a "middle-aged man" identified as "J" who lives with his grandfather, "pleaded guilty to issuing Terroristic Threats with intent to terrorize another, and Harassment in a Pennsylvania court in 2020" and is "banned at his former place of employment", as a matter of public record. Pardoe wrote that he involved law enforcement, who eventually found out the person's identity, after being threatened personally by "Faith McClosky" and hired a legal team who "secured a temporary PPO, Virginia’s equivalent of a restraining order" and sent the person a cease & desist letter. He also wrote that while he wasn't sure where "McClosky" had obtained the photos used by the Faith McClosky accounts, the person pictured would presumably be "shocked that someone was misusing her image in this manner."[3]

Faith McClosky subsequently challenged many of Pardoe's facts and allegations on her blog, outright calling him a liar and denying to have threatened him; regarding the protection order she said it was granted based on an agreement between the parties by which he would drop accusations of defamation (maintaining it was still baseless because there had been to threats). She also claimed to have insights into "J and his position" in a way that could be read to suggest them to be separate people, but notably despite all the other denials never actually denied Pardoe's assertion that "Faith McClosky" was just an online persona used by "J" and that they were in fact the same person.[4]

According to the Faith McClosky blog, CGL would cease to communicate afterwards and further Shrapnel submissions were rejected with no comment.

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