Falcon (Combat Vehicle)

This article is about the hovertank. For other uses, see Falcon (disambiguation).
Falcon Heavy Hovertank
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Production Year 3023[1]
Mission Fast Attack
Type Hovercraft
Cost 1,349,333 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Armor Basic Metal Plate Standard
Engine 215 WorkHorse w. PowerChain I.C.E.
Speed 151.2 km/h
Crew 3
BV (1.0) 469
BV (2.0) 691 [1]


Recently rediscovered as a set of design specifications from some archival documents owned by an aging engineer, the exact origin of the Falcon is unclear. Upon initial examination the incomplete plans and engineering calculations seemed to be little more than a student design exercise.[2] Further inspection of the archive however revealed partial indication that this design may have seen some limited production.[3] The most likely interpretation of these records is that the design was made available as a component kit that individual end users could build on their own. Though the simple existence of a one-off or other nonproduction design does not merit its inclusion in this resource, as the design was registered in various patent office databases[4] and nontrivial numbers of kits or plans were sold, the design falls under the realm of this publication. Unfortunately body and trim drawings were either not filed or the final shell design was left up to the end user and as such, there are no known depictions of the finished product at the time of writing.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The base design mounts a medium laser and two SRM 6s for close range attack missions. The overall plan seems to be based on the J. Edgar Hovertank but is dramatically scaled up. With its considerable speed, the Falcon is capable of closing in for a pouncing alpha strike and retreating again to a safe position.


As this design was not produced or shipped as a manufactured unit but instead was left for the end user to complete there are presumably many variants of the basic chassis. However, owing to the incomplete documentation and proprietary nature of the design, these variations are both beyond the knowledge of the editorial staff at the Sarna Institute and scope of this reference.


  • This vehicle was originally published in the first edition of the CityTech rulebook as the vehicle design example.


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