Falcon Rising

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Falcon Rising
Product information
Type Novel
Author Robert Thurston
Pages 273
Cover Artwork Doug Chaffee
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 01 March 1999
ISBN-10 0451457390
ISBN-13 978-0451457394
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 30593061
Series Twilight of the Clans
Preceded by Prince of Havoc
Followed by (none)

Falcon Rising, by Robert Thurston, is the eighth and final book in the Twilight of the Clans series.

The novel was made available on BattleCorps on 2 October 2010 as a PDF file (text only, without cover, pictures, or any other interior artwork except for the usual BattleCorps frame graphics). The PDF copy includes a disclaimer stating that it was created from a pre-final edition text that might differ from the printed version and that canon-wise, the print edition trumps the PDF edition.

From the back cover[edit]

As the Khans of the Clans gather on Strana Mechty to plan a new invasion of the Inner Sphere, Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde strives to rebuild her Clan to its former glory. She bloods new warriors and wins others in Trials from other Clans, but she cannot waste any fine warrior—even those who are freeborn. She gives a Trinary composed entirely of freeborns to a freeborn Star Captain and allows Diana, the freeborn daughter of a Jade Falcon hero, to compete for a bloodname.

The Khans of the Steel Vipers—long-standing rivals of the Falcons—use these radical moves against Marthe, attacking her in the Grand Council. In the midst of this war of intimidation, the Inner Sphere accomplishes the unthinkable—an invasion of Clan space. But even that cannot stop Marthe Pryde or the Steel Vipers as their ripening conflict explodes into war...


In 3060 warrior Diana, the freeborn daughter of Peri Watson and Aidan Pryde, chooses to compete for the Pryde bloodname. She is coached by Star Commander Joanna and trains with Star Captain Horse. Her attempt infuriates the trueborn population of Clan Jade Falcon. She wins the bloodname. Later in 3061, Khan Marthe Pryde launches an attack on Waldorff V. Diana Pryde defeats Steel Viper Khan Perigard Zalman and, along with Horse, saves Joanna's life. Joanna becomes a sibparent for Sibko Training Center 111.

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Foreign-Language Editions[edit]


A German edition, translated by Reinhold H. Mai, was published by Heyne in 2000 as Falke im Aufwind (ISBN 9783453156531).[1]


A Hungarian edition, translated by Novák Gábor, was published by Beholder in 2004 as A Sólyom felemelkedése.[2]


A Spanish edition, translated by Jaime de Marcos Andreu, was published by Timun Mas in 2001 as El halcón remonta el vuelo.



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