Farida Lamb

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Farida Lamb
Also known as "Apex"
Born 2996[1]
Affiliation Aurigan Coalition
Parents Damon Lamb (father)[1]
Melody Cirillo (mother)[1]
Siblings Older brother


Farida Lamb was born on the Aurigan Coalition world Katinka, the second child of a runaway Magistracy of Canopus noble and a retired MechWarrior.

As her mother returned to the Magistracy in order to continue her duties, leaving Farida to be raised by her father who was running an arcade and general store.

She grew un being trained on BattleMech simulators by his father. When her elder brother left Katinka with her father's hidden BattleMech, she decided to stay with his father even though she also wanted to leave.

The Espinoza's coup in 3022 changed everything. When her father showed that he was more than able to handle the store with them, she left to start life as a Periphery Mercenary.

She is a quite woman, more likely to leave mercenary command than argue with her commanding officer over decisions she disagrees with.

Arano Restoration[edit]

After the conclusion of the Arano Civil War Apex would find herself serving in the Aurigan Coalition's special Rampart Company as part of the mopping up efforts.[1]


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