Fearghal Dougal

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Fearghal Dougal
Arena Gladiator


Fearghal Dougal is a Haunting and mysterious MechWarrior that attracts female groupies like Solaris City attracts the Triads, Mafia, and yakuza. Dougal, however, seems to have no outward interest in these MechBunnies, preferring to spend more time with his Mortis. Still, Dougal makes it a point to be spotted out on the town fairly regularly with a groupie on his arm, knowing full well that his popularity and continued rise depend on it. He‘s even been known to throw some infrequent parties for - Dougal's Dolls - to show his appreciation.[1]

Rumors on the street say that Dougal has no technicians in his employ whatsoever and that he alone addresses all of his 'Mechs' repairs and maintenance between matches. Another rumor says he graduated from the Orloff Military Academy, but the school has no records indicating he ever enrolled there.[2]




He pilots MTS-PV-H Mortis called Seraph.[1]



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